Fields of Normandy

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MapIcon Ground FieldsofNormandy.jpg
Game Modes
Icon GreenCheckmark.png Battle
Icon GreenCheckmark.png Domination
Icon GreenCheckmark.png Conquest
Icon RedXCross.png Break
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The full Normandy Map

Fields of Normandy is a ground forces map available in all modes. It is the Normandy, but the battle area has been moved to the fields south of the main town (the battle area on the Normandy map is usually restricted to just the main town). It was added in Update 1.59 "Flaming Arrows" or in a smaller patch afterwards. The map has lots of hedge rows tanks can hide in and wait to pick off enemies, there are lots of open fields, that although sometimes offering the shortest route to capture zones and other strategic points leave the player exposed. There are two small settlements in the north and south of the map, and a large airship hangar in the middle.

The tank battles area is restricted to 1.8km x 1.8km. The planes battle area is 65km x 65km.

Game Description

Historical Background

See the main Normandy page for Historical information.

Notable Landmarks

The large airship hangar in the middle of the map is visible from most locations and is often a capture point. Historically the hangar was significantly further inland, and closest to Utah Beach.

Map configuration

There are three Capture Points. Point A will be at the airship hangar in the center of the map, B is in the small settlement in the south, C is in small settlement in the North of the map.

The Domination configuration

There are three Conquest Configurations, the capture point will be in the location of one of the domination points.

The Conquest #1 configuration.
The Conquest #2 configuration.
The Conquest #3 configuration.

There are two capture points, each belonging to a team. The points are locate in the ease and west of the map, between the each teams two spawn points.

The Battle configuration.



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