AN-52 (Nuclear bomb)

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The AN-52 (Nuclear bomb) launched from a ☢Jaguar A bomber.


The AN-52 is a French nuclear bomb for use in ground battles.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

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General info

The AN-52 is a pre-strategic nuclear warhead capable of ending the match and destroying the whole map.

Effective damage

This pre-strategic nuclear warhead is as stated above capable of ending a match and destroying the map, tough it does not destroy any enemy.

Comparison with analogues

All nuclear bombs have the same characteristics and are capable of destroying the map and ending the match.

Usage in battles

The AN-52 is used to end a match and guarantee a win for your team. It must be unlocked first.

Pros and cons

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The AN-52 was first tested on 28 August 1972, and entered service in October of the same year.


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