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The RDS-4 is a Soviet nuclear bomb that is usable in ground realistic battles. First tested on August 23, 1953, the RDS-4 was the Soviet Union's first mass-produced tactical nuclear weapon that can be dropped by a bomber.

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General info

Bomb Characteristics
Mass 2,983 kg

The RDS-4 is a nuclear bomb that is capable of destroying the map and ending the game.

Effective damage

This nuclear weapon possesses the ability to decisively conclude a conflict without causing harm to any enemies.

Comparison with analogues

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Usage in battles

You would deploy this bomb to conclude the game upon its detonation on the battlefield.

Pros and cons

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The RDS-4 "Tatyana" (Lit. Fairy Queen) was the first mass-produced aerial-delivered nuclear weapon produced by USSR. This nuclear bomb, with a composition of Plutonium-239 and enriched Uranium-235, was tested on August 23, 1953 at the Semipalatinsk Test Site (or Semipalatinsk-21) in today's Kazakhstan; where the test showed the overall explosion yield was around 30 kt. Future tests also tested for the possibility of assaults after nuclear blasts against NATO targets if the Cold War turned into nuclear apocalypse.

RDS-4 was used until 1966 when it was eventually replaced by newer bombs such as RN-24/25/28 bombs.



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