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Wb icon.png Warbonds (WB) are a special in-game currency earned by completing daily missions. These are used in the Warbond shop, which changes its inventory every month.

At the WB shop, the following can be purhcased:

  • Boosters
  • Battle trophies
  • Decals
  • Decorations
  • Premium vehicles
  • Universal backups
  • Special tasks (for medals)

The WB store has its own separate progress scale. Successful execution of daily missions levels up the store, which allows for more options to be available. There are five levels in the WB store, and the current level of the WB store and its progress can be checked on the Wb store page or in the Daily missions/Battle tasks menu. The WB store inventroy changes once a month. The number of days during which you can spend the VO in the current store for the current month is displayed in the upper left corner of the VO store.

To purchase premium goods in a WB store, it is necessary to perform a certain number of "Special Tasks", a subtype of the daily missions that will reward with medals that are needed to access certain goods. Special tasks do not expire and can be performed more than once per day. Open Special Tasks are located in a separate tab in the Battle Task window, and can be obtained via purchase at the WB store for a small number of bonds.

The current balance of the warbonds can be checked at any time by opening the WB store or the Battle Task menu. Warbonds have no expiration date and accumulate on the player’s account. The maximum number of WBs that can be simultaneously on the account is 3600 Wb icon.png.

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