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Game Modes
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The full Ardennes Map

Wallonia is a ground forces map, using the same map as the Ardennes Map. It was added in Update 1.79 "Project X". The difference between this map and the Ardennes map is that the battle area has been moved and increased in size (the battle area is now 1.6km x 1.6km in AB and 2.6km x 2.6km in RB & SB).

The battle area is still based in the top comer of the map, around the main town of Bastogne, but instead of all three capture points being within the main town, they are now more spread out across the map. Wallonia also makes use of the new town added to the Ardennes map in Update 1.79, using it was one of the capture points.

There is only one configuration for Wallonia, Domination, the battle area is 1.6km x 1.6km in AB and 2.6km x 2.6km in RB & SB (the full unrestricted map is 4km x 4km). The air location is 65km x 65km.

Historical Background

See the Ardennes map article for historical information.

Map configuration

There are three capture points. Point A is in the main town, B is in the smaller town to the southeast of the main town, and C is in the small, newly added, town in the southeast of the battle area.

The Domination configuration



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