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Picture from a Community FRB (old SB) event I used to organize. Flying in formation was a much more common practice in early War Thunder, for the 20 mm cannons could did bugger all.

Greetings lurker of this fine Game Wiki. \o/
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This member plays War Thunder on Windows
arado-234.png This member considers Ar 234 B-2 the best aircraft in game.
tempest_mkv.png This member considers Tempest Mk V the best Great Britain aircraft in game.
mc-202_italy.png This member considers C.202 Folgore the best rank II Italy aircraft in game.

I am your host SupermarioPS, old dog of quite many games and pilot within War Thunder since public beta 1.27. Heck from 2014 till early 2016 I was the Head of this Wiki. And in these times, much have I seen: German Blue Beans, Manned-Cruised-162-Missiles, fly worthy fortresses, armour meta, sparking rounds, Space Corsairs and rank 20. My eyes saw M108 duel with Panzerkampfwagen Eight, He 112 versus F7Us... no wait, that still happpens. Eh, I lost my line of thought, a distraction, outdated memes!

Used to be the sole fool driving the T95 Doom Turtle... when it still had the one shot cupolas. Even wrote a short blog on my forlorn and foregone adventures.

us_t95.png This member considers 105 mm Gun Motor Carriage T95 the best tank in game.

Praise the holy, pure and godssmite Mk103
As we are unworthy of it´s grants and gifts.
Thou shell the anti-god Mk108 be forgotten
The Oblivion it´s cage to eternity.
So let us pray.

Dear Mk103,

pliz gib me maaany Big Bombers 2 shut dawn.

Needz moneyz/xp asap.

thx, yo homey

Dear allmighty smite in the sky!

Hear my Voice oh glory Maschinenkanone 1 0 3

Sent my foes into the abyss of oblivion

And thou minds in the pit of despair.

Let men rule once more the beauty blue


Also do not let me die of cringe or the outdated references. Written in 2014...

Legendary Rank 24

Congratulations, pilot! You are the proud owner of the only Tier 24 plane in the game. Read this instruction booklet to use your brand new, jet-powered, sleek-looking, envy-inducing, bomb-dropping sexy Arado!

Taking off should be easy, the winds of whatever battlefield you're currently on will recognise the Arado as the avatar of the god of wind, Zephyrus, and softly lift your maginificent creation of awesome from the ground and carry you gently upwards to your destination.

On your comfortable and divine journey towards bomb-targets, you might see enemy fighters closing in on you. Perhaps you frantically search for any armament on your glorious plane, fruitlessly. Fear not, however, for the Arado does not need weapons. The American/British/Russian fighterpilots merely fly to the bright light (like a second sun) in the distance until they finally are close enough to feel the warmth of the holy being that is your carriage. They shall wheep and land their planes, unable to comprehend the beauty they witnessed, or they (with evil in their heart) will burst into flames because they cannot withstand so much Good.

When you're over your bombing targets (which shouldn't take long, because your joyous flight is shortened by your immense speed) you might hear voices cry out in prayer. These are your targets, welcoming your payload because they know it brings peace and joy.

Simply smile and drop your bombs, after which you can safely land on any flat surface that is at minimum 3 feet long. After you have come to a complete stop, you are free to shed a manly tear of joy.