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This template can be used to quickly insert a link to the corresponding article of a vehicle using their code. The displayed link uses a shortened name of the vehicle.


The template is structured as {{Specs-Link| "arg1" | "arg2"}}

  • "arg1" must be the vehicle's in-game code. This can be found at the top of the vehicle's wiki article while in the wikitext editor, after "code=". This code is case sensitive. E.g. f-86f-40_japan
  • "arg2" is optional. It allows the overriding of the text inserted by the template, while retaining the correct link to the vehicle's article. Overriding should only be used in cases where it explicitly disambiguates the link. Example:
    • ki_84_ko displays as Ki-84 ko, while ki_84_ko_china also displays as Ki-84 ko. This can be confusing, so it would be acceptable to override ki_84_ko_china to display as ␗Ki-84 ko.
    • "arg2" also accepts 2 predefined values that set the form of the automatically inserted name.
      • "short" - Inserts the name provided by {{Specs|pseudonym}} of the given vehicle. This is the same as the default behaviour (i.e. omitting "arg2" altogether).
      • "full" - Inserts the name provided by {{Specs|name}} of the given vehicle, which sometimes but doesn't necessarily differ from {{Specs|pseudonym}}.