Dover Strait (Air Forces Map)

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Full flight area size Real world location
128 km x 128 km Dover Strait, England


The Air Domination layout
Dover Strait is an air forces map available in Simulator battles; since Update 1.59 "Flaming Arrows" it has been in A Battles by the Dover Strait map. It is based on the southeast coast of England, containing just under half of the county of Kent, the Strait of Dover, and a small part of France (in the southeast corner of the map, usually well outside the playable area). Although the details of the map are not completely accurate in some areas, dimensionally the map is a 1:1 scale recreation of the southeast corner of Britain. The map stretches as far west as the town of Rye in East Sussex, and as north as Queenborough on the Isle of Sheppey.

One of the most prominent landmarks on the map is the Port of Dover, and the surrounding area. The port is a reasonably accurate (although slightly scaled down) recreation of the real life port. Dover Castle has been recreated reasonably accurately on the cliffs to the east of the town, overlooking the port. Further east Swingate transmitting station, one of Britain's "Chain Home" early warning radar installations, used to detect German aircraft crossing the channel; has been recreated (albeit with only three of its original four towers).

There are a three RAF bases (RAF Manston, RAF Hawkinge, and RAF Lympne) modelled in their real life locations. The largest, RAF Manston, is located in the north of the map on the Isle of Thanet. It is significantly larger than RAF Hawkinge and RAF Lympne, with a single 3,300m paved runway (2,700m in real life), and substantially more hangars and other building on the base. RAF Hawkinge is located 11km west of Dover; it has two grass runways, one 1100m long, the other 800m long. RAF Lympne is located 21km west of Dover, it has two grass runways, one 1100m long (1,300m in real life), the other 700m long; in game the runways are paved, in real life they were grass.

In Update 1.59 "Flaming Arrows" the Dover Strait map was added, it reused England part of this map but was extended east and south (to a size of 128km x 128km), so it include the north of France and more of the channel in the playable area.

Battle area Size
Game Mode AB RB SB

Historical Background

This map is a fictional location inspired by the Gamla Stan district of Stockholm. Although the design of the map bears resemblance to the real life location there is very little similarity between the layout of the map and that of the real Gamla Stan.

Map configuration

Change Maps by Game Modes

At present this map has the same layouts in AB, RB and SB.



The battle area for this configuration is a large area in the southwest of the map. The Allies spawn in the west, over the Dungeness Headland and the Axis spawn out to sea in the east. The Allies must defend their ships from axis players and ai bombers until they reach the port of Dover. If less than four ships are alive then the Allies loose. The Allies win when the ships reach Dover.

Targets To Destroy
Allies Axis
Destroyer 0 4
Cargo Ship 0 9
Do 217 E-2 18 0

Game Description
German airplanes are flying to destroy a British convoy moving along the British coast.

Historical Background
This mission is based on the Channel Battle (Kanalkampf) where the Luftwaffe would attack British shipping as it passed through the channel.


Note: In this layout the northern team get two spawn points, while the southern team only get one.


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Size: 65km x 65km

Location: Southeast Coast, Britain
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