Type 4 Chi-To (Family)

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The Type 4 Chi-To (四式中戦車 「チト」) was a response to the appearance of the M4 Sherman developed by the Japanese Army.


Rank II


The Type 4 Chi-To was a Japanese response to the appearance of the M4 Sherman. Despite Japanese armour seeing great success earlier in World War 2 (Japanese armour arguably led the army to victory in China, Malaya and Corregidor), the Chi-Ha Kai was grossly outdated by the time of the American island-hopping campaign - it could neither resist Sherman's main armament nor could it penetrate its frontal armour. The Chi-To was the next logical design step after the Chi-Nu, mounting a capable 75 mm gun on a better armoured hull. The Chi-To came only to a concluding development just before the war ended after many delays. Only 2 were known to have been completed.