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User access to certain functions of the War Thunder Wiki is determined by a set of flags (rights) on their account, some of which are obtained automatically, and some are given out manually. A flag holder is considered a member of a particular group, which gives them the opportunity to use certain functions of the MediaWiki software.


List of active administrators and moderators:

Participant Position
patrioticalien Senior Moderator
Inceptor57 Senior Moderator
AN_TRN_26 Moderator
Kmsxkuse Moderator


The administrator has the right to confirm and cancel edits, delete and restore pages, block and unblock users, protect and edit pages accessible only to administrators, change the MediaWiki interface and service sections.


Bureaucrats have the right to change the rights of other users, usually, all administrators are granted bureaucrat rights.


The moderator has the right to confirm and cancel edits, block and unblock users, protect and edit pages accessible only for moderators.

Regular users


Members - users who edit from their registered account. Members can edit any unprotected pages, mark their edits as small and send email to other users if they have activated this option in their profile settings.

Authenticated Members

After 4 days from registration and after making 15 edits, all participants are automatically moved to the “Auto Confirmed” group, there are no speed limits on the IP address for the auto-confirmed members and there is an opportunity to edit the pages available only for self-confirmed participants.


All site visitors, including anonymous guests, belong to the “all” group. Such users can read all the pages of the War Thunder Wiki (with the exception of service pages with limited access), but cannot edit them.

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