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Does this offer anything new or necessary compared to the existing Template:Break? -DnaGonite (talk) 18:57, 6 January 2020 (UTC)

  • Well, it's standard HTML (as opposite to a rather unconventional styling of br) and on top of that it supports clears of both or just one of the sides (defaulting to both), as opposite to just left, and finally: It's consistent with Wikipedia, as opposite to this break template that's completely different to Wikipedia's break. Whether it's necessary - in practice it's not absolutely necessary at the moment, no, but, in theory: it's superior in pretty much every way. Jareel_Skaj (talk) 19:45, 6 January 2020 (UTC)
    • Well it certainly seem to make life easier when working with right aligned images. As an example, this is enough to make me like it. --Flame2512 (talk) 20:35, 6 January 2020 (UTC)
      • I see the potential for this template, it might not have much use on the aircraft or vehicle pages, however on other pages where there are more text articles sprinkled with images, it could help with the formatting of the page and ease the flow of the article. One thing I worry about (even in the example Flame2512 listed) is the larger white-spaces this could create. In articles with sparse text, it might make the format look chunky with lots of white-space which will make the page less appealing to read through. It might not be so bad on the PC, but looking at it on a tablet or mobile phone may be more problematic. But I think like with any code, parsers and templates, the right approach will help the articles stand out in a good way, while improperly using it will cause the opposite effect. (and while some of the templates here may be a bit unconventional, they have gotten us to where we are, people use what they know even if it is cobbling together code that makes some people scratch their heads. I am amazed at some of the code being used and have a devil of a time trying to reverse engineer it to figure out how it works!)--AN_TRN_26 (talk) 00:55, 7 January 2020 (UTC)
        • I'd like to make a minor point, that the issue you raised is just as applicable to the Template:Break. Jareel_Skaj (talk) 16:35, 7 January 2020 (UTC)