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MapIcon Ground ElAlamein.jpg
Game Modes
Icon GreenCheckmark.png Battle
Icon GreenCheckmark.png Domination
Icon GreenCheckmark.png Conquest
Icon RedXCross.png Break
Icon RedXCross.png Skirmish


The Full Second Battle of Alamein Map

The Second Battle of El Alamein, or simply El Alamein is a ground forces map available in all modes. It was added alongside another North African map Tunisia in Update 1.55 "Royal Armour". The map has three distinct areas; the northeast, the middle and the southwest. The north east and middle areas of the map the terrain is more rocky, with rock formations and plateaus breaking up the map. In the southwest the map consists of open desert with large sand dunes.

In the northeast of the map fighting if focused around the ruins of an old castle. Players fight along a road to the southwest of the castle, using the rocks for cover; while other players advance into the castle grounds from the east and west to battle inside. The castle can be accessed from the road the southwest, but doing so leaves the player very exposed. Players can follow a road round the north of the castle in an attempt to outflank those in and around the castle, or to gain access to the enemy's spawn point, this tends to lead to small skirmishes around the northern area of the castle.

The middle of the map consists of a large town, surrounded by rocks. The rocks limit access to the town, down to six roads (one in the north east, two in the northwest, two in the southeast, and one in the southwest). Players can hide in the rocky terrain around the edge of the town to ambush the enemy; or advance into the town in order to capture the capture point, and advance on toward the enemy's spawn. A lot of the buildings in the town are destructible.

In the southwest of the map the terrain is at a lower elevation and consists of open desert, with tall sand dunes. There is a smaller town in the middle of this area there is a small town, and the crumbling remains of a castle. Players can engage in long range combat, sniping enemy tanks while using the dunes for cover, or advance through the sand dunes to the town in order to capture the capture point which is sometimes located there. The dunes to the south of the town can be used by the player to provide cover while they flank found the town, to attack enemy tanks on the dunes.

In the very southwest of the map there is a large military camp, and in the very northeast there is another (smaller) castle. These areas are not always included in the battle area.

The full tank battles map (seen to the right) is 4km x 4km however, the full area is not usually playable. Dependent on the map configuration and the game mode (AB, RB or SB) the tank battle area changes location and size. The air battle area is 65km x 65km in all modes. The tank battle areas are:

Domination: 2.2km x 2.2km (in AB & RB) or 3.5km x 3.5km (in SB)
Battle: 1.3km x 1.3km (in AB & RB) or 2.2km x 2.2km (in SB)
Conquest #1: 1.6km x 1.6km (in AB & RB) or 2.3km x 2.3km (in SB)
Conquest #2: 2.2km x 2.2km (in AB & RB) or 3.5km x 3.5km (in SB)
Conquest #3: 1.8km x 1.8km (in AB & RB) or 3.2km x 3.2km (in SB)

Game Description

After stalling successfully the Axis advance into Egypt, the British forces initiated the offensive to gain control over the region.

Historical Background

This map is set in the desert, inland from the town of El Alamein (located on the coast). The tank map is a fictional location, inspired by the terrain in the area. The air battles map puts the tank battles map approximately 75km (47 miles) southwest of the town of El Alamein (at approximately 30°20'07.2"N 28°26'17.6"E).

The Second Battle of El Alamein (23 October–11 November 1942) was a battle of the Second World War that took place near the Egyptian railway halt of El Alamein. With the Allies victorious, it marked the watershed of the Western Desert Campaign. The First Battle of El Alamein had prevented the Axis from advancing further into Egypt. In August 1942, Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Law Montgomery took command of the Eighth Army following the sacking of General Claude Auchinleck and the death of his replacement Lieutenant-General William Gott in a plane crash.

The British victory turned the tide in the North African Campaign and ended the Axis threat to Egypt, the Suez Canal and the Middle Eastern and Persian oil fields via North Africa. Second El Alamein revived the morale of the Allies, being the first big success against the Axis since Operation Crusader in late 1941. The battle coincided with the Allied invasion of French North Africa in Operation Torch, which started on 8 November.

Map configuration


There are three capture points. (For AB and RB) the battle area is spread over most of the map, including the large castle in the northeast and the small town in the southwest. Point A is in the southwestern town, B is in the middle town (in the centre of the map), and C is in the castle in the northeast.
The Domination configuration in AB & RB.

There are three configurations of the Conquest mode, each with one capture point. The point will be in the position of one of the Domination capture points. (For AB and RB) the battle area for Conquest #1 and Conquest #3 is restricted to the southwest and northeast of the map respectively. For Conquest #2 the battle area is the same as in Domination.

The Conquest #1 configuration in AB & RB.
The Conquest #2 configuration in AB & RB.
The Conquest #3 configuration in AB & RB.

There are two capture points, each belonging to a team. The points are located northeast and southwest of the centre town. The battle area is restricted to the middle / northeast of the map.

The Battle configuration in AB & RB.




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