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Modules and Modifications are upgrades that can be unlocked and purchased by earning research points (RP) with that vehicle. All of the modifications vary on the increase (or decrease) of the statistical and literal performance.

Air Forces

There are two different types of Modifications for aircraft: Flight Performance and Survivability. There are also weaponry and explosive mods that are available.

Flight Performance

These Modifications better the latter of its flight capabilities.

  • Fuselage Repair: Decreases the drag coefficient and does increase Max Speed, Rate of Climb, decreases Turn Time, or a mix of the three.
  • Radiator: Improves the cooling system in the engine. It may also decrease the Drag Coefficient, and increase the Max Speed, Rate of Climb, decreases Turn Time, or a mix of the four.
  • Compressor: Increases overall engine performance by increasing its horsepower. It does increase Max Speed, Rate of Climb, decreases Turn Time, or a mix of the three.
  • Wings Repair: Reduces drag, while increasing lift efficiency coefficient. It does increase Max Speed, Rate of Climb, decreases Turn Time, or a mix of the three.
  • Engine: Adds horsepower, resulting and increase of Max Speed, Rate of Climb, and decreases Turn Time.
  • Engine Throttle and Engine Injection: Increases efficiency of the engines throttle, and may increase or decrease Max Speed.

There are some Jet restricted modifications, which include:

  • New Boosters: Increases flight control assist, allowing full input at higher speeds, resulting in less locking-up of the ailerons, elevators, and/or rudders.
  • G-Suit: Allows better control while in overload of G-forces.


These modifications strengthen the aircraft, coinciding to having your aircraft take more damage.

  • Airframe: Adds 10% construction strength, reduces weight, increases Rate of Climb and decreases Turn Time.
  • Cover: Adds 5% construction strength, reduces weight, increases Max Speed and Rate of Climb, and decreases Turn Time. It also reduces the drag coefficient.


These modifications allow to customize your weaponry of your aircraft. This includes bomb load-outs, rocket load-outs, gun load-outs, and ammo load-outs

  • Offensive X mm: Allows you to choose between ammo types for that particular gun caliber.
  • New X mm MGs/Cannons: Replaces the old MG/Cannon with new parts, or a whole new gun. this decreases the bullet spread, and decreases the failure rate.
  • Turret X mm: This allows you to choose what ammo defensive turrets use, but only turrets of that gun caliber.
  • New X mm MGs/Cannons: This is the same up-grade as the other New MG/Cannon, but for turrets instead of offensive guns.

Ground Forces

Modifications in Ground Forces are split into three categories: Mobility, Protection, and Firepower.


Modifications improving your tank's ability to maneuver around the terrain, plus increase protection on the suspension and track area.

  • Tracks: Increases track durability and traction.
  • Suspension: Increases suspension tolerance to rough ground, increasing mobility.
  • Brake System: Allows faster braking speed and response.
  • Filters: Increases engine horsepower and decreases time to accelerate.
  • Transmission: Increases horsepower to the drive wheels and decreases acceleration time.
  • Engine: Increases engine horsepower and decreases time to accelerate.


Modifications increasing the survivability of the tank. These are the most important modifications to upgrade.

  • Parts: Allows tank to undergo repairs on the field. Important if you need to fix a module that crippled your tank such as the transmission or engine.
  • FPE: Fire Protection Equipment, allows the tanks to extinguish fuel fire. This will make sure your tank does not gradually die from a simple fire.
  • Crew Replenishment: It allows you to replenish your crew in combat conditions.
  • Add-on Armor: Attaches improvised armor onto tank to increase armor thickness. Increases survivability.


Modifications improving the tank's turret and ammo for the gun.

  • Turret Drive: Increases turret traverse speed.
  • Adjustment of Fire: Increases gun accuracy by decreasing horizontal and vertical spread.
  • Elevation Mechanism: Increases turret vertical traverse speed and decreases vertical spread in gun accuracy.
  • Artillery Support*: Calls for artillery for in-direct fire on target. *Not available for heavy tanks or tank destroyers.
  • Ammo: Unlocks ammo for usage in the gun.
  • Airstrike: Allows you to join an air battle activated by an ally on bomber or attacker. In modes with respawn points, you can additionally reduce the aircraft spawn cost for each scouted player by an ally.
  • Improved optics: Increases the opponents detection radius with a +30% in crew's visual range.