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This page is about the American cannon M1A2 (37 mm). For other uses, see M1 (Disambiguation).


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The United State Army first developed an interest in 37 mm anti-aircraft artillery in World War I. However, despite requesting a design from legendary designer John Moses Browning, the Army did not adopt it. In the 1930s, the interest in a 37 mm gun reappeared due to the Coast Artillery Corps only having .50 M2HB Browning machine guns for anti-aircraft use. Needing a new automatic weapon that would handle intermediate air defense, the 37 mm gun was revisited and with new fire control devices, the design was adopted as the 37 mm M1 in 1939. The M1A2 version is a towed variant of the gun meant to serve as the Army's anti-aircraft gun of choice. However, soon after, the 40 mm Bofors L/60 was adopted under license and began to supplant the M1A2 in the Army's anti-aircraft role. While it was still used as a towed AA weapon in the Pacific Theatre and remained during the war as a coastal defense weapon, it was replaced by the Bofors by 1942. As a result, the old M1A2s were fitted to the M3 Half-Track along M2 Brownings, to create the M15 CGMC in order to both keep the gun in service, and increase the firepower of the Army's SPAA vehicles. The M1 would also have another variant, the M9 (37 mm), used on PT boats during World War II.


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