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The 37 mm FlaK44 is a German anti-aircraft gun.

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In August 1944, the FlaK43 replaced the FlaK38 due to the increasing threat of Allied bombers. The original version had a cyclic rate of fire of 250 rounds per minute, however, the practical rate of fire was only 180 rounds per minute. While Germany was rushing out the Ostwind and Modelwagen as stopgap measures, they were also working on improved self-propelled anti-aircraft guns. One of the prototype designs for an improved SPAA added a second FlaK43 to the Ostwind to compensate for the low fire rate resulting in the prototype Ostwind II. However, this design was never developed into production in favour of the FlaK44-armed twin-mount Flakpanzer 341 based on the chassis of the Panther, however due to the devastation the Allied bombing campaign caused to the German war industry, this design never made past a wooden mock-up turret.


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