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3,7 cm Flakzwilling auf Panther Fahrgestell, Flakpanzer 341
General characteristics
5 peopleCrew
107 %Visibility
front / side / backArmour
80 / 50 / 40Hull
60 / 40 / 0Turret
44.8 tWeight
1 145 hp600 hpEngine power
26 hp/t13 hp/tSurface density
49 km/h forward
3 km/h back
45 km/h forward
3 km/h back
2 x 37 mm FlaK44 cannonMain weapon
1 504 roundsAmmunition
0.2 / 0.3 sReload
8 roundsBelt capacity
250 shots/minFire rate
-5° / 90°Vertical guidance
Sl icon.png2 000 / 2 730/2 180 / 2 975/18 440 / 25 170Repair
65 000 Sl icon.pngCrew training
230 000 Sl icon.pngExperts
990 Ge icon.pngAces
184 % Rp icon.pngReward for battle
180 % Sl icon.png130 % Sl icon.png150 % Sl icon.png


The 3,7 cm Flakzwilling auf Panther Fahrgestell, Flakpanzer 341, also known as Flakpanzer V Coelian, is a rank IV German SPAA with a battle rating of 6.7 (AB/RB/SB). This vehicle was originally introduced as a main tree vehicle, however as of Update 1.91 "Night Vision" it was shifted to become a gift vehicle for players who previously owned it.

General info

Survivability and armour

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Main armament

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Additional armament

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Machine guns

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Usage in battles

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Pros and cons


  • Good armour for an anti-aircraft vehicle
  • Decent turret traverse speed
  • 3.7 cm guns are devastating to enemy aircraft


  • Slow reverse speed
  • Very high repair cost at Arcade Battle
  • Low penetration power on AP shell


The 3,7 cm Flakzwilling auf Panther Fahrgestell, Flakpanzer 341, also known as the Flakpanzer V Coelian, was a concept for a Flakpanzer first proposed in early 1944. Reacting to the increased threat posed by fighter-bombers and low altitude attackers, a proposal was made for a Flakpanzer based on the hull of a Panzer V Panther. This would have a fully enclosed turret to protect the crews from enemy fire, unlike the turrets of vehicles that were already in use such as the Flakpanzer 38 or the Flakpanzer IV Möbelwagen. In response to this tender, Rheinmetall developed the "Coelian", originally envisaging a number of turret and armament variants such as the 2cm Flak-Vierling 151 armed with four 20 mm MG 151/20 guns. However, the German Army High Command's requirements kept on changing, demanding for ever heavier armaments and armour, and eventually two different designs were settled upon in May of 1944, one armed with a twinned 3.7 cm Flakzwilling 44, and one with a newly designed 5.5 cm Flak gun.

However, by the time the design had been finalised, external factors had already more or less decided its fate. The impact of the Allied strategic bombing campaign on the German arms manufacturing industry, the lack of raw materials, and the need for ever increasing quantities of Panther tanks meant that no Panther hulls could be released for the Coelian project. Work on the design was given a lower priority, and by February of 1945 only a single wooden mock-up model of the 3.7 cm twin-gun tower on the hull of a Panther D had been completed. The war ended before an actual prototype could be constructed.

In-game description

A planned self-propelled anti-air installation based on a Panther tank from which the turret was removed and replaced with a special, newly-designed turret with paired 37mm FlaK 44 guns. The project never existed as a fully-constructed model. The project was cancelled due to Germany's defeat. It had reached the phase of having a tank chassis with a wooden model of the planned turret installed on it.

In December, 1943 a wooden mockup of the turret was built and installed on the chassis of a remodeled Pz.Kpfw.V Ausf.D Panther. Since the Pz.Kpfw.V Ausf.G Panther modification was already being produced, the AA vehicle was supposed to be built on the chassis of this modification with the option to install full-metal rollers with internal amortization. The number of serially produced vehicles has not been determined. Whether or not it was ever used in combat conditions is also unknown.


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