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What is Revenue Share?

Revenue Share - is a support program for user generated content, created in the War Thunder CDK. A player will get rewarded for his or her input into the game development if it is created by them and the content has been used in War Thunder:

How will the award be calculated?

When choosing to use user-generated content, the Company will calculate the award in three ways:

  1. A fixed fee in the amount between $6,000 USD to $10,000 USD for 3D models of aircraft, tanks, ships. The value will be determined by the company's development team depending on the model's complexity.
  2. A fixed fee in the amount between $1,500 USD to $8,000 USD for 3D models of cockpits. The value will also be determined by the company's development team depending on complexity.
  3. Payment through a share revenue for a period of six months from the date of acceptance.

Share Revenue

How is share revenue done?

An award will be payed at 25% of the income, which the Company will receive over a set period of time or in a one-time payment. If content is distributed as a premium proposition (for example, as an advanced pack), when content from other authors is included within it, the award will be calculated proportionally. For example, if the Company decides to pay the author for an aircraft model, which is included in a pack with 5 aircraft (4 of which were made by other authors or developers). If the Company earns $1000 income, then the authors share will be ⅕ of the income * 25% (award amount) which equates to $50.

In what time-frames will the award be paid?

The first award will be paid no sooner than 180 days after content was added to the game. After that, an award will be paid during 30 days from the end of the calendar quarter at which Company received the income from the distribution of said content. The amount of the one-time payment will not be accounted for if it is less than $500. If during the accounting reference period the amount of the award is less than $500, then payment is transferred to the next accounting reference period until the amount of the total award reaches $500 or more. This may be paid earlier but only at the discretion of the Company.

How can I get the award?

The award is paid by wire transfer to the user's bank account.

Implemented Revenue Share Content

Several examples of content added into the game from the Revenue Share program are:

Assistance agreement