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Swedish aircraft ordnance list by user:blockhaj


6,5 mm ksp m/22

6,5 mm kulspruta m/22 (6,5 mm ksp m/22)

The 6,5 mm ksp m/22 machine gun is a Swedish license built FN (Fabrique Nationale de Herstal) Browning M1919 aircraft machine gun. It is more or less the same design as the US .30 AN-M2 universal aircraft machine gun from WWII.

Msg-info.png The gun was originally named "6,5 mm flygplankulspruta m/22 (6,5 mm flksp m/22)", meaning 6.5 mm airplane machine gun m/22.

The Swedish Army and Navy air corps (Arméns flygväsende & Marinens flygväsende) acquired the design in 1922 as Sweden lacked suitable aircraft armament. Sweden had previously trialed the 6,5 mm ksp m/14 (Schwarzlose) and 6,5 mm kg m/14 (Madsen LMG) as aircraft armament and found the former to be too heavy and the latter to be too limited in magazine capacity and fire rate. As the Swedish Army and Navy air corps merged into the Swedish Air Force in 1926 the weapon became the default universal machine gun of the new military branch and it even saw limited use as ground fielded anti aircraft weaponry. It came to serve as the sole Swedish aircraft machine gun between 1926 and 1933. From 1932 to 1940 the guns were updated to fire the new 8 mm m/32 cartridge.

  • Type: Single-barrel air-cooled aircraft machine gun
  • Manufacturer: Carl Gustafs stads gevärsfaktori Eskilstuna
  • Weight of complete weapon: ca 11.7 kg
  • Length of complete weapon: ca 1060 mm (base gun)
  • Weight of barrel: -
  • Length of barrel: ca 609 mm
  • Rifling: -
  • Action: Closed bolt
  • Operation: Recoil-operated/short-recoil operation
  • Cocking-system: Charging handle (wire or pneumatic pull)
  • Firing-system: Trigger bar below the buffer (wire or pneumatic pull)
  • Priming: Centerfire
  • Cartridge: 6,5 mm skarp patron m/94 (6,5 sk ptr m/94)
  • Caliber: 6.5 × 55 mm
  • Recoil load: -
  • Rate of fire (effective): 1200 rounds per minute
  • Rate of fire (minimum): 900 rounds per minute
  • Rate of fire (maximum): 1500 rounds per minute

Abbreviations & translations

  • kg – kulsprutegevär - automatic rifle (literal: machine gun rifle)
  • ksp – kulspruta - machine gun (literal: bullet sprayer)
  • akan - automatkanon - autocannon
  • jrak - jaktraket - air-to-air rocket (literal: hunting rocket)
  • arak - attackraket - air-to-ground rocket (literal: attack rocket)
  • rb - robot - missile (literal: robot)