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Tis i, Blockhaj

I am an armature historical researcher who specializes in military technology and data. I specifically dedicate most of my research into minor nations as these are often looked down upon due to them not making as many vehicles or fighting on the same scale as all the great powers. My goal is to spread knowledge of the lesser known or forgotten to create a more even playing field when it comes to the significance of military culture around the world. I collect manuals and historical documents so i can make the most brutal bug reports that no one can dispute. Also as i come from Sweden i have an easy time gathering Swedish material and therefor i mainly specialize in Swedish vehicles and weaponry. While i do like tanks and know a fair bit i mainly research Swedish aircraft as there is no one else doing that in the community. As for aircraft i specialize in aircraft between 1930 to 1960 as these are the most relevant to War Thunder but also because these are at risk of becoming forgotten due to their generations of service men either being dead or senile.

I have a lot of experience writing Wikipedia but i quit that as copyright is *********.