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In regards to Usage in Battles: Realistic

After flying out the Yak-1B for a few matches today, I noticed that the tactic mentioned under the Usage of Battle: Realistic (Stay below 1000m, only use 90% throttle) seems to not be necessary; playing the aircraft as a typical Russian fighter (mid-alt, energy drain opponent) works just as fine and possibly better than the described tactic. While a few points for staying under 1000m are correct, I do not believe that this tactic is required and that it is necessarily safe in the current meta (climbing... everyone dives down.. etc.). The latter half of the Realistic Usage in Battles section is all seemingly correct, but this first half is definitely questionable tactics (today).

As I wish to not speak for the whole of the community / wiki, I would like to hear other's opinions on this. Although I have some experience with this plane, I know that there are others with much more who could provide better input that I am able to.