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Tiger II's naming convention

The Tiger II's varients has this misconception about Porsche and Henschel's involvment in the design. It is correct that Henschel won the contract over Porsche for the Tiger II design but the contract was for the hull design only. Porsche and Henschel had no design input for the turret varients, which were both produced by Krupp. Krupp designed the "prototype" turret for the implementation on the Tiger II. Krupp already produced approximately 50 of these turrets, some of which were placed on the Porsche prototype hull, when it was henschel who won the contract for the hull design. The first 50 tiger IIs produced by Henschel has this "prototype" turret on it. Krupp was then asked to redesign the turret due to production costs as well as the presence of a potential shock trap in the front of the origional design. The result was the "production" turret with a flatter front and side which became the official turret for the Tiger II.

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