Mission creation basics

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How to create missions

Scene view
Mission Settings -> mission->level
1. Run mission editor (missioned.cmd in WarThunderCDK folder).
2. Choose Scene view tab and load one of game levels (it is location "britain" by default) where you want to create your mission.

Note: Missions can be technically run on an location, choosing location scene is just a preview.

3. Go to tab Mission Editor

Choose in the side toolbar Mission Settings -> mission->level the same location you chose in scene view Choose a name for your mission that will be displayed to the players(localization for mission name will be saved to a separate CSV file) Choose other settings - time of a day, weather, mission type and campaign name.

4. Create aircraft

In the toolbar choose create Unit, type - armada and place aircraft somewhere on the location

5. Select your plane (it is selected by default and is named armada_01) open object settings panel (P)
6. Adjust the settings - aircraft type (Class), weapons (weapons and bullets)
7. Set the created aircraft as player's aircraft

To do so go to mission settings and in player_teamA tab choose aircraft created by you (armada_01) in a wing:

8. Save your mission (Ctrl+M or using the toolbar) to the <game folder>\UserMissions\<mission name>.blk

E.g C:\Program Files (x86)\War Thunder\UserMissions\my_mission.blk

Your first mission is ready

How to check missions in game

Localizations are are saved in CSV format (separator - ;) in the same folder with necessary prefix “usr_”.

For example:
Mission is available to view and test in main game menu, in “user missions” section.

Attention: To test user missions you should have the aircraft that is used in mission bought.

Useful links

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