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The Vympel Kh-29 (GRAU: 9M721; NATO: AS-14 Kedge) is a Soviet air-to-surface missile designed for use against larger battlefield targets and infrastructure. It is a heavy-duty Soviet air-to-ground missile, born from a similar fuselage design of the Molniya R-60, a laser seeker inherited from the Kh-25, and a powerful warhead. It features impressive range and destruction capabilities against a variety of surface targets, giving pilots a heavy-duty weapon capable of decimating anything in their path.


  • Kh-29L - Laser-guided version
  • Kh-29T - TV-guided version
    • Kh-29TE - Enhanced range
    • Kh-29TD - IR-enhanced TV-guidance, further enhanced range


Missile characteristics Kh-29L Kh-29T Kh-29TE Kh-29TD
Mass 657 kg 670 kg 690 kg 686 kg
Guidance Laser TV TV (IR)
Maximum speed 1.8 M
Missile guidance time 40 secs 70 secs
Firing range 13 km 30 km 35 km
Explosive mass 186.24 kg TNTeq
Armour penetration 87 mm