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The Albis radar mounted on the front of the Gepard's turret.

The Albis also known as the Gepard Tracking Radar is a German ground based target tracking radar. It was designed as the tracking / fire control radar for the Gepard, however in game it is also used to represent the tracking on a number of other vehicles which did not use it historically.

Vehicles equipped with this radar

General info / usage

The Albis is only a tracking radar, this means it can lock onto targets and provide a firing lead indicator, but cannot by itself detect targets and place them on the radar display. However all vehicles the radar is fitted on in game are also equipped with various search radars; this allows them to use their search radar to detect targets, while the Albis radar is tracking a target. The Albis can track targets in a 200 degree arc from the front of the turret, out to a maximum range of 15 km.

Tracking Characteristics
Azimuth Tracking
Elevation Tracking
target speed
target speed
15,000 m 75 m ±100° -20°/+85° 15 m/s (54 km/h) 1,000 m/s (3,600 km/h)

Comparison with analogues

Compared to other tracking radars the Albis has an average maximum range and a good minimum range. The minimum relative speed is about average. The azimuth tracking angles are slightly wider than some other radars at ±100° (instead of ±90°). The negative elevation tracking angle is best in class, however the positive elevation angle is very slightly (2°) worse than other radars.

Pros and cons


  • Decent maximum range
  • Good minimum range
  • Good minimum relative speed
  • Better azimuth tracking angles than 1RL144 and SMA VPG-A06 radars


  • Radar cannot track targets through a full 360 degrees
  • Slightly worse positive elevation angle than other radars


The Albis was developed in the 1960s/70s by Siemens, who were contracted to design the fire control system for the Gepard.

It is not completely clear whether "Albis" is the correct name for this radar, or if this is a translation error in the (mostly Russian) sources which do refer to it as by the name (most sources simply refer to it as the Gepard Tracking Radar, with a few using the name "Albis").

Although in reality the radar is used only on the Gepard. In game however it is used to represent the tracking radar on a number of vehicles which did not use it in reality (visually these vehicles have their historical radars, but all use the Albis radar to determine their performance). This is likely due to the tracking radar characteristics being broadly the same between these vehicles, so not warranting whole new radars being coded for each one.


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