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ZB-360 (ЗБ-360), like ZB-500, is a incendiary bomb "drop tank" specific for earlier Soviet attackers or interceptors; the number 360 refers to its tank diameter of 360 mm.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

Bomb characteristics
Mass 342 kg
Explosive mass 213 kg
Explosive type CKC (SKS)

Note: CKC (SKS) mixture consists of B-70 gasoline, SKS-30A synthetic rubber, xylenol and cumene hydroperoxide

Effective damage

Like ZB-500 with a larger diameter, ZB-360 does "napalm" (incendiary and explosive) damage against enemy targets; to lighter vehicles or those with open-top turrets, the former might be flipped over by the explosion or set ablaze, while the latter would face lethal damage from the high-temperature flames. Using it to burn down enemy base/airfield is viable.

Comparison with analogues

  • Mk 77 Mod 4: a NATO napalm with lesser mass while its carriers could carry more than those using ZB-360
  • BLU-27/B and BLU-1: more potent than ZB-360 thanks to their larger size and overall mass.

Usage in battles

Since ZB-360 is among the ZB series incendiary bombs, like ZB-500, it is very unlikely a few of these can take down an entire armored column, maybe just some of them with very light armor or open-topped; either by burning them down or sometimes blow away vehicles. While a line of napalm fire could be visually pleasing, this is not the case for any TVD devices both on armored vehicles or attackers as the intense heat will blind their TVDs. It can also be used for bombing run against bases/airfields albeit its lesser napalm content, having slightly more damage to light weight GP bombs per bombing run.

Pros and cons


  • Extremely lethal to exposed crew or open-topped vehicles
  • Could sometimes flip enemy tanks over with
  • Blinds TVD devices



Like its larger counterpart ZB-500, ZB-360 was designed to burn down enemy's infrastructures and wooden structures, as well as vehicle convoys and their combatants; having SKS and AP-10 napalm mixture at its disposal (ZB-360 and 360R respectively).


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