TM197B (20 mm)

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The TM 197B is a turret made by OTO-Merla to mount the M197 20mm Vulcan on the A-129 Mangusta (Mongoose) attack helicopters. The turret was built by Leonardo-Finmeccanica (now Leonardo S.p.A.) the parent company of Augusta, the manufacturer of the A-129 CBT. The TM 197B was built to be used to replace 12.7 mm machine gun pods used on early models of the Mangusta, but the company also advertises the turret can be used on other models of military helicopters even if they weren’t originally designed for combat. Providing both air-to-ground and close-range air-to-air combat, the turret offers a lighter weight and low profile than other mounts for the M197 cannon. The turret has ±100° azimuth coverage and -50°/+20° elevation coverage that can be controlled from a helmet and display sight system that follows the movement of the crew or by the main sight of the computer system. The TM 197B operates at speeds of up to 140 knots and can keep tracking during manoeuvres. As a safety measure against power failure for either the helicopter or the turret, the gun is locked in a forward position.


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