T29, T30, T34 Heavy Tanks (Family)

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The Heavy Tank T29, Heavy Tank T30, and Heavy Tank T34 series were a series of related heavy tank projects built for the United States Army beginning during the Second World War but not delivered to the Army until after the war ended.


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Heavy Tank T29

Heavy Tank T29E1

Heavy Tank T29E2

Heavy Tank T29E3

Heavy Tank T30

Heavy Tank T30E1

Heavy Tank T30 (XT-1400)

One T30 was later used to test the XT-1400 cross-drive transmission. Variants of the XT-1400 transmission were later used on vehicles such as the Heavy Recovery Vehicle M51 which used the XT-1400-2A version. The XT-1400 entered production in 1954 and continued for 34 years after, but it may have been tested on the T30 before that; that information is not known.


*Heavy Tank T30E2

Some sources state there having been a T30E2 but this is hard to verify. It could be that they refer to the T30 that was used to test the XT-1400 transmission, but this is impossible verify.

Heavy Tank T34