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Possible Layouts
Icon GreenCheckmark.pngDomination
Icon GreenCheckmark.pngConquest
Icon GreenCheckmark.pngBattle
Icon RedXCross.pngBreak
Icon RedXCross.pngSkirmish
Other Information
Full tank area size
Pradesh Region, India Real World Location
Full Map


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Battle area Size
Game Mode AB RB SB
Domination  ? km x ? km
Conquest #1  ? km x ? km
Conquest #2  ? km x ? km
Conquest #3  ? km x ? km
Battle  ? km x ? km

Historical Background

The map was added in update Drone Age.

Map configuration






Excellent additions to the article would be video guides, screenshots from the game, and photos.

War Thunder CDK

In the War Thunder CDK, the map is called "avg_northern_india".

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