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Templates are a class of special pages on the MediaWiki engine (on which War Thunder Wiki also works) whose contents can be displayed on any other page using only a short code to insert a template. In this case, the contents of the template will be displayed on another page only in the form in which it is recorded in the template itself.

You can read more about how templates work and are created on the MediaWiki engine in these articles:

This article provides brief information and describes the features of the use of templates in the War Thunder Wiki.

Template navigation

All templates are categorized according to their purpose. The main category for templates is called , it contains general-purpose templates and subcategories with highly specialized templates.

Some main subcategories are:

Applying templates

When using the code editor, templates are invoked as follows: {{Template name|(Parameters)}}

When using the visual editor, go to the "Templates" section of the "Insert" menu, and select the desired template by name.

When using the visual editor, the parameters used in this template will be automatically suggested for some templates. In all other cases, help on using a particular template can be found on its documentation page.

Useful templates

Popular and useful templates implemented in the War Thunder Wiki: