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The FuG-200 is a German airborne target detection (search) radar.

Vehicles equipped with this radar

General info / usage

The FuG-200 is only a target detection radar, so cannot track targets or provide a lead indicator. The FuG-200 (and the FuG-202 and FuG-220) do not scan for targets; instead radar blips update instantly and continuously on the radar display, providing an accurate indication of where the targets are. It still has a good range of 20 km but relatively narrow detection angles.

Band Pulse mode PD mode MTI mode IRST mode TWS mode SARH
Search characteristics
Mode Max range Effective range Display ranges IFF
SRC 20 km 20 km 20 km X
Search modes
Mode Scan type Azimuth Elevation Period
SRC Continuous ±30° ±15° Instant

Comparison with analogues

Compared to other target detection radars the FuG-200 has a good detection range of 20 km. But it has a fairly poor ±30° azimuth scan angle, and the elevation scan angle (±15°) is not the best too. The radar display also update instantly unlike most other radars. The radar has a much better range than the FuG-202 and FuG-220 but the elevation scan angle is worse and the azimuth is a bit worse.

Pros and cons


  • Instantly updating radar display
  • Very good range


  • Poor elevation angle
  • Azimuth scan angles not that good


Development of the FuG-200 started in 1938 by Lorenz company for the competition for the next Luftwaffe radar but lost to the Würzburg radar. In 1941 Lorenz adapted it for the competition for the next Naval radar and won. Its main use was on submarines but also found use on planes. The first version had only a rough indicator if the target was left, right or centered. A later version got the PPI display.


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