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Warfare 2077 was an April Fool's Day event taking place 1st - 5th April 2021. The event featured futuristic vehicles with advanced weapons, technology, and defence systems, in a conceptual look towards the future of warfare.

Event introduction

What will military technology be like in the future? Welcome to the battlefield of 2077: laser tanks, smart missiles, military drones and optical camouflage!

War does change!

You get control of combat vehicles, the concept of which is considered perspective in modern armies of the world. This is war in a new way, using digital technology, the latest types of weapons and camouflage.

The Vehicles

"Minotaur" main battle tank

GarageImage Minotaur.jpg

The Minotaur is a futuristic Main Battle Tank. It features a high degree of protection with thick armour and the most Active Protection System (APS) shots of any vehicle. Its primary armament consists of a powerful 140 mm cannon, as well as six vertical launch missiles. The secondary armament consists of 30 mm and 27 mm autocannons.


Developed in the late 2050’s, the Minotaur MBT is one of the best examples of 6th generation tanks. An unmanned turret, high-precision kinetic ammunition and missile weaponry, a complex of active protection, as well as an optical camouflage system that allows you to camouflage a tank in the visible and infrared spectrums.

The 140 mm gun with composite barrel bore operates with several types of projectiles, including APFSDS, an armor-piercing cumulative projectile with a multifunctional remote fuse, as well as a guided shell able to detonate over a target. The Minotaur is the most heavily defended combat unit on the battlefield, capable of surviving multiple hits and, at the same time, effectively conduct combat operations, guaranteeing the highest level of safety for the crew.

The armoring around the crewed compartment is made from a special composite that does not create secondary fragments after penetration. This tank has the heaviest frontal armor package on the battlefield, supplemented by ERA modules on the hull’s upper and lower plates that gives the Minotaur protection against its own shell types at point-blank range. An unique complex of active protection capable of detecting and destroying most types of weapons at distance, including kinetic armor-piercing projectiles and airborne guided weapons.

"Hydra" rocket tank

GarageImage Hydra.jpg

The Hydra is a futuristic tank destroyer. Its main armament is a bank of 76 vertical launch missiles.


The Hydra missile tank is built on the single base with the Minotaur MBT. The vehicle is devoid of most active protection systems, but it provides a unique ability to engage targets from cover, including without direct visual contact with the enemy.

In the fighting compartment of the "Hydra" there is an installation for monitoring and launching vertical take-off missiles, the operation of which is provided in automatic or semi-automatic mode. To detect and lock onto targets outside of direct visual contact, the missile tank is equipped with a retractable periscope with a complex of digital-optical equipment, as well as an installation for launching "Gryphon" series reconnaissance drones/loitering munitions. The passive protection in the Hydra tank provides all-round protection and protection in the upper hemisphere from single hits of cumulative ammunition and missiles.

"Harpy" universal air/missile defense complex

GarageImage Harpy.jpg

The Harpy is a futuristic self propelled anti-aircraft vehicle.


The unified "Harpy" air and missile defense complex is designed to detect and engage low-flying air targets of all types, including unmanned aerial vehicles and guided missiles.

The main calibre of the complex is a rapid-fire automatic cannon, with armor-piercing rounds, high-explosive fragmentation shells with an intelligent contact-remote fuse, as well as guided shells. The "Harpy" features surface-to-air "fire-and-forget" missiles. The automatic radar system "Aegis-11" includes a radar and a high-energy laser for detecting and hitting light air targets without operator input.

"Gryphon-3" reconnaissance drone/loitering munition

GarageImage Gryphon-3.jpg

The Gryphon-3 is a futuristic light drone. It is used for reconnaissance and has a built in shaped charge warhead allowing it to be used as a guided missile.


A British-Israeli project of loitering munition/surveillance and reconnaissance drone. Being part of the "Hydra" complex, this drone is equipped with an encrypted module for broadcasting targets to the gunner-operator's active monitor. The drone works in both manual and automatic modes, maintaining the flight settings specified by the operator. The power plant is represented by a piezomagnetic engine with a push propeller; a multi-mode digital camera with interchangeable lenses is located in the nose of the drone. In the drone’s hull there is a shaped-charge warhead for destruction of armored vehicles and enemy fortifications.

"Wyvern" heavy attack drone

GarageImage Wyvern.jpg

The Wyvern is a futuristic heavy combat drone. It is armed with air-to-ground, air-to-air missiles, and air-to-ground cruise missiles.


Designed to intercept and destroy air targets, as well as deliver missile and bomb strikes and defeat armored vehicles with high-precision weapons. It is controlled remotely via a digital encrypted communication channel.

The construction from high-strength composites and alloys allows the vehicle to withstand significant overload, which ensures a high level of maneuverability even at maximum combat loads. The modular pre-launch preparation of the drone makes it possible in the shortest possible time to configure the device to perform the combat missions of a fighter-interceptor, attack aircraft or fighter-bomber. Light-absorbing panels in the hull plating provide the device with an average level of resistance to laser weapons.

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