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General info

The Virginia-class is a Rank III American submarine with a battle rating of 4.7. It was introduced in Update 1.77 as part of Silent Thunder test run from March 31st to April 3rd. The Virginia-class submarine in Silent Thunder is based on the lead ship of its class: The «Virginia» (SSN-774), laid down in 1999 and commissioned in 2004.

The main purpose, usage and tactics recommendations

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Vehicle characteristics


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4 x 533 mm Mk.48 universal distant-guided long range torpedo
12 x Tomahawk land attack missile


  • Max speed: 79 km/h
  • Max depth: 450 m
  • Displacement: 5000 tons
  • Torpedo range: 6 km

History of creation and combat usage

After the end of the Cold War, the objectives for the US underwater fleet were no longer the same. The next-gen sub was expected to carry out a wider range of tasks at a lower project cost. In order to replace the Seawolf-class nuclear missile platforms of the Cold War era, the American engineers began working on a new, multipurpose nuclear submarine with a modular build – this way the vessel would be easier to modernize and refit with a different set of weapons and other equipment. In 2004, the lead boat of the SSN-774 Virginia project was introduced to the United States Naval fleet. This submarine has a number of features that set her apart from her predecessors: a reduced displacement, a new “onetime” nuclear reactor that doesn’t require recharging or maintenance throughout the sub’s entire service life, a brand new sonar system, and a lighter yet more versatile weapon. The special covering on the boat’s skin, advanced propulsion system and enhanced engine, as well as isolated deck structures make the Virginia incredibly stealthy. Interestingly, the boat can be fit with a manned underwater vehicle that can be used for landing operations and sabotage – up to 9 members of the special forces can board the Virginia according to her staff roster.

Additional information (links)

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AprilFools Avatar Us ssn774 virginia.png
Name Virginia-class
Nation USA
Type Submarine
Rank III
Battle Rating 4.7
Weight 4,500 t (empty) + 500 t (fuel) = 5,000 t
Crew 120 men
Min. Crew 60 men
Max. Speed 80 km/h (forward)

4 km/h (reverse)

Max. Depth 450 m
Main Weapon
4 x 533 mm Mk 48 Torpedo tubes
Ammo stowage 4 x Torpedoes
Maximum range 6,000 m
Secondary Weapon
12 x 520 mm BGM-109 «Tomahawk» Cruise missile launcher
Ammo stowage 12 x Missiles
Max. repair cost 5,040 SL
Free repair time 21h 47m