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"Vehicle Presets" are a mechanism which allows player to save several variants for vehicle arrangement in the crew slots.

Msg-info.png Vehicle Presets have no actual effect in gameplay except for saving time.

Managing presets

By default, each nation has up to 4 presets available filled with Reserve vehicles of Army, Aviation, Bluewater fleet and Coastal fleet trees. If naval trees are not yet implemented on a nation, only the first two of them appear.

The action buttons below can be used to make change to presets.

The initial presets are only made for convenience; players may add new presets, delete existing presets or rename/reorder them. To do so, click the Presets button on the right side of the presets list; a window named Vehicle Presets will pop up, with a set of action buttons on the bottom.

The total number of presets are limited. Players can increase the limit by unlocking high rank vehicles of different tech trees; each nation can have 18 presets at most.

Technically a player can play all game modes and battle ratings with only 1 preset, but this would waste time in switching vehicles.

Changing a preset

A vehicle list and filter will be displayed when changing a slot.

As previously mentioned, a preset acts as a recorder. To make changes to a preset, player need to first select it, then changing the individual crew slots and/or game mode, the last state of them will be saved for future.

Vehicle on each crew slot can be changed by clicking the slot and choose Change Vehicle on the context menu.

Msg-important.png Crew trainings and qualifications are tied to certain crew slots, irrelevant to the chosen preset.

The game mode can also be changed by clicking it.

When encountering game crash or connection lost, one or more presets may get mistakenly replaced, in this case player need to manually restore it by changing individual slots or try the following method.

Out-of-Sync Recovery

Game client stores a local copy of vehicle presets for in-use accounts, and only synchronises with the server upon relevant editing events. However, during a client glitch it may become out-of-sync, this is more likely to be observed when using the same account on multiple devices.

When finding vehicle presets broken on certain game client, don't do anything and exit directly, go to another client (device) in good state, perform a small change to preset (e.g. sending one crew to holiday). This would trigger a presets sync event, so the glitched client should also perform a fetching from server.

If an upload event triggered on the glitched client and replace the server's state, then it won't be able to automatically recover anymore.