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Just As A General Rule Of Thumb, This Is The WT Official Wiki, No Reason To Get Mad At Wiki Editors For Keeping A Format. If For Some Reason Your Edit Is Removed Attempt To Contact Them Through "Wiki (User) Discussion", "Forum Direct Message" Or Through Gently Asking Through "Edit Summary" (Rather Don't Do The Latter Though).

Also, Keep Remarks Out Of Edits, People Are Supposed To Read These Pages, Don't Enforce Drama On Wiki Pages. And Keep In Mind, Any Historical Wrongs With-In The Game Are To Be Glanced Over, The Wiki Isn't A Place For Bug Reporting And You Have To Evaluate Equipment & Vehicles In The Game As They Are In-Game, Only On History Sections Are You Allowed To Go Full Over The Use & Development In Reality.

Thank You In Advance.

--ShimakazeChan (talk) 09:00, 27 July 2021 (UTC)