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Modifications or Modules are upgrades that can be unlocked and purchased either by earning research points Rp icon.png with a vehicle and then purchasing it with silver lions Sl icon.png, or by paying golden eagles Ge icon.png to research and purchase the modification instantly. All of the modifications vary on the increase (or decrease) of the statistical and literal performance.

Air Forces

There are three different categories of modifications for aircraft: Flight performance, Survivability, and Weaponry.


Flight Performance

These modifications improve the flight characteristics of the aircraft, with varying degrees of success. They will generally increase maximum speed and rate of climb, as well as decreasing the turn time of the aircraft.

Mods aerodinamic fuse.png Fuselage repair Decreases the drag coefficient.
Mods radiator.png Radiator Improves the cooling system in the engine.
Mods compressor.pngMods jet compressor.png Compressor Increases overall engine performance by increasing its horsepower.
Mods aerodinamic wing.png Wings repair Reduces drag, and increases lift efficiency coefficient.
Mods new engine.pngMods jet engine.png Engine Adds horsepower.
Mods metanol.png Engine injection Increases efficiency of the engine throttle.
Mods g suit.png G-Suit Allows the crew to experience greater G-force overload before "blacking out".
Mods booster.png New boosters Increases flight control assistance, allowing full input at higher speeds, resulting in less locking-up of the ailerons, elevators, and/or rudders. This modification is mainly found on jet aircraft.
Mods oil.png X octane fuel Allows the engine to run at higher settings to increase power output.


These modifications strengthen the aircraft, allowing the aircraft to potentially survive for longer. They may also improve the flight characteristics of the aircraft, through weight and drag reduction.

Mods armor frame.png Airframe Adds 10% construction strength, reduces weight.
Mods armor cover.png Cover Adds 5% construction strength, reduces weight.
Mods bulletproof vest.png Protective vest Partially protects crew members from shells and flak fragmentation, typically found on heavy bombers.
Mods armor glas.png Armored glass Increases the thickness of the armoured windscreen.
Mods armor back.png Rear armor plate Adds armour to protect the pilot, typically found on USSR aircraft.


These modifications allow to customize your weaponry of your aircraft. This also includes unlocking of new suspended ordnance or different configurations of the aircraft's offensive armament.

Mods ammo.png Offensive X mm Unlocks a choice of ammunition belts for the particular gun calibre.
Mods weapon.pngMods cannon.png New X mm MGs/cannons Replaces the old MG/cannon with new parts, or a whole new gun. This decreases the bullet spread and failure rate (chance of overheating/jamming) of the gun.
Mods ammo.png Turret X mm Unlocks a choice of ammunition belts for defensive turrets of the particular gun calibre.
Mods turret gun.png New X mm MGs/cannons (turret) Similar to "New X mm MGs/cannons", but only applies to turret-mounted armament.
Mods cannon.pngMods gunpods.png Cannons
Machine guns
Allows you to install different or additional cannons, either on the airframe or externally (gunpods).
Mods pilon bomb.pngMods laser guided bomb.pngMods agm missile.pngMods air to air missile.pngMods pilon rocket.pngMods pilon block rocket.pngMods pilon torpedo.pngMods air naval mine.png Bombs
Allows you to equip different or additional suspended armament.
Mods heli false thermal targets.png Flares/Chaff Allows you to equip countermeasures.
Mods radar warning receiver.png RWR Installs a radar warning receiver, which will alert the pilot to any radar pings or locks.


Helicopters share a lot of the same modifications as aircraft, but there are some unique examples.

Flight Performance

Mods cd 98 main rotor.png Replacing helicopter blades Improves the efficiency and capabilities of the helicopter blades, increasing max speed.


Mods heli flak jacket.png Flak jacket Similar to the "Protective vest" aircraft modification.
Mods heli structure.png Helicopter frame Similar to the "Airframe" modification.
Mods night vision device.pngMods thermal sight.png NVD Allows use of night vision devices and thermal optics


Mods counterMeasures.png IRCM Installs an IR lamp that can confuse the sensors of an incoming IR missile.
Mods heli screen exhaust device.png HIRSS Reduces the engines' IR signature.

Ground Forces

Modifications for ground vehicles are split into three categories: Mobility, Protection, and Firepower. Depending on the total number of modifications of the selected vehicle, some modifications can be found in a different category.


Modifications that improve your tank's ability to manoeuvre around the terrain.

Mods new tank traks.pngMods new wheels.png Tracks/Tires Increases track durability and traction.
Mods new tank suspension.pngMods new car suspension.png Suspension Increases suspension tolerance to rough ground, increasing mobility.
Mods new tank break.png Brake System Allows faster braking speed and force.
Mods new tank filter.png Filters Increases engine horsepower and acceleration.
Mods new tank transmission.png Transmission Increases horsepower to the drive wheels, increasing acceleration.
Mods new tank engine.png Engine Increases engine horsepower and acceleration.


Modifications increasing the survivability of the tank. These are the most important modifications to upgrade.

Mods tank tool kit.png Parts Allows tank to undergo repairs in the field. Important if you need to fix a module that has crippled your tank such as the transmission or engine.
Mods extinguisher.png FPE Fire Protection Equipment, allows the tanks to extinguish fuel fire. This will make sure your tank does not gradually die from a simple fire.
Mods tank reinforcement uk.png Crew Replenishment Allows you to replenish your crew while in combat.
Mods tank additional armor.png Add-on Armor Attaches improvised armour onto the vehicle to increase armour thickness. Increases survivability.
Mods dozer blade.png Dozer Blade Equips the vehicle with a bulldozer blade to dig defensive positions.
Mods smoke screen.png Smoke grenade When fired, creates a smoke screen around the grenade's point of landing.
Mods engine smoke screen system.png ESS Engine Smoke-generating System, when activated will continuously generate a smoke screen originating from the engine for a period of time.
Mods night vision device.pngMods thermal sight.png NVD Allows use of night vision devices and thermal optics (this module is sometimes located in the Firepower section).


Modifications improving various aspects of the tank's weaponry systems.

Mods new tank horizontal aiming.png Horizontal Drive Increases turret traverse speed.
Mods tank cannon.png Adjustment of Fire Increases gun accuracy by decreasing horizontal and vertical spread.
Mods new tank vertical aiming.png Elevation Mechanism Increases turret vertical traverse speed and decreases vertical spread in gun accuracy.
Mods art support.png Artillery Support Calls for indirect artillery fire on a position. Not available for heavy tanks or tank destroyers.
Mods aphebc tank.pngMods he frag base fuse tank.png Ammunition Unlocks different ammo for usage in the tank's armaments.
Mods airstrike.png Airstrike Allows you to join an air battle activated by an ally on a bomber or attacker in Arcade, or reduces the cost in spawn points to spawn an aircraft for each scouted enemy that is destroyed by an ally in Realistic battles. This modification is only available on certain light tanks with the "scouting" ability.
Mods scouting.png Improved optics Increases the detection radius of enemy vehicles by +30% of the crew's visual range.
Mods tank rangefinder.pngMods tank laser rangefinder.png (Laser) Rangefinder Improves accuracy and speed of the gunner's rangefinding abilities.

Naval Forces

Modifications for naval vessels are split into the Seakeeping, Unsinkability, and Firepower categories.


These modifications improve the mobility and manoeuvrability of the ship.

Mods new ship hull.png Dry-Docking Cleans the hull of the ship, reducing drag.
Mods new ship rudder.png Rudder Replacement Improves the rudder and steering mechanisms, decreasing turn time and radius.
Mods new ship screw.png Propeller Replacement Improves the propellers, increasing max speed and acceleration.
Mods new ship engine.png Engine Maintenance Improves the engines and related systems, increasing max forward and reverse speed, as well as acceleration.


These modifications increase the survivability of the ship, as well as providing other protective mechanisms.

Mods ship tool kit.png Tool Set Allows repair of the ship while at sea.
Mods manual ship extinguisher.png Fire Protection System Allows fires to be put out without having to submerge the ship.
Mods engine smoke screen system.png Smokescreen Generates a smoke screen behind the ship continuously for a period of time.
Mods ship anti fragmentation protection.png Shrapnel Protection Reduces the effect of shrapnel inside the ship.
Mods ship venting.png Ventilation Reduces crew casualties from smoke in the case of a fire.
Mods new ship pumps.png New Pumps Increases the speed at which water is pumped out of the ship after the breach is repaired.
Mods ship ammo wetting.png Ammo Wetting Reduces chance of ammo detonation due to fires.


These modifications focus on improving the weaponry of the ship, including the available ammo belts and shells to be used, as well as new equipment such as bomb mortars and depth charges.

Mods new main caliber turrets.pngMods new aux caliber turrets.pngMods new aa caliber turrets.png Primary/Auxiliary/Anti-air Armament Targeting Increase the turret rotation and pitch speed of the respective armament groups.
Mods ship art support.png Artillery Support Calls for bombardment from a Battleship's main calibre guns on a certain position.
Mods torpedo.png Torpedo Mode Increases the range of a torpedo in exchange for reducing its speed (or vice versa).
Mods ship rangefinder.png Improved Rangefinder Increases the accuracy and speed of rangefinding.
Mods aphebc tank.pngMods he frag base fuse tank.png Ammunition Unlocks different ammo for usage in the ship's armaments.
Mods depth charge.pngMods naval mine.pngMods rocket launcher.pngMods ship mortar.png Depth charges
Rocket Launcher
Allows you to equip additional weaponry.