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[Event] Unrealistic Battles


Unrealistic Battles was an event mode first debut alongside the "March to Victory!" event during the 1st April 2015. It featured the new Special Purpose Sherman SPS-255 inflatable tank with rubberized armour and fired Potato and Carrot rounds. Apart from the new tank, it also featured the first and only use of a "health bar" and "hit points" system within War Thunder, making it a massive change from standard gameplay. Teams would face each other in head to head combat with a single cap point and fight it out until one team lost all tanks or all tickets were successfully drained.

The Event Introduction

We are pleased to announce that we have finished work on the simplified game mechanics for the original War Thunder announcement anniversary date!

We have already created one new vehicle - the SPS-255 (Special Purpose Sherman), which meets the requirements for the new mode completely. It is easy to control, it won’t drift, since it’s only able to achieve a speed of 6 mph (10 km/h). The tank is equally armoured all over with rubberized armour and doesn’t have any particular weak spots - all of them are equally weak. Two special shell types offered are not that different one from another - which allows users to not have to change their playstyle when they run out of the ammo that they are used to.

Another difference from the rest of the War Thunder vehicles is that SPS-255 has a health bar - or so-called "hitpoints", which may help users from other projects to adapt.

The developers are certain that the new tank will be highly appreciated by new players, who have just begun to play War Thunder, as well as our already experienced tankers, who wish to take a break from the real battles with tanks made of steel.

Unrealistic battles


The event consisted of a regular arcade battle on the map Poland with a single capture point located around the church. The map was renamed "Unrealistic battles" for the event.

  • The players all had the same vehicle: the SPS-255, an inflatable Sherman decoy.
  • The ammunition consisted of either potatoes (Target Practice projectile, based on an HE shell) or carrots (High Velocity Target Practice projectile, based on an APCR round).
  • Each player had a healthbar of 400 points at the start of the game. no respawn was allowed once the healthbar had been depleted. The damage model was the same for the whole tank: no matter where you shot an enemy, its health was reduced of the same amount of hitpoints.
  • The gun sight of the SPS-255 had no elevation notches, making it difficult to engage enemy tanks from a distance. Coupled to projectiles with a low velocity (150 or 200 m/s), the engagement always turned out to be street brawls.

The event was an allusion to the concurrent game "World of Tanks" (healthbar, no respawn, no damage model based on modules and weak spots, etc.).



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