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I tried to find some historic details for this torpedo but without any success. Maybe I'm looking for a wrong terms. This sort of stabilizer was also modelled by one of the modders for IL-2 Sturmovik, so it likely was used on an aerial torpedoes, but... I failed to find anything among naval torps. The closest one I did find was "A110/450" in Norman Friedman's Naval Weapons of World War One (5.07m long, 110kg warhead, 800m range @ 34kts or 1000m @ 34kts or 2000 @ 24 kts from 1898) - but obviously, looking at range and the year, it surely cannot be this.

If anyone is looking for a challenge - finding this one here would certainly be one. Though there is a possibility that the in-game torpedo is wrong (likely it shouldn't have the aft stabilizers). BTW: any good books on Italian naval torpedoes? Jareel_Skaj (talk) 19:35, 27 March 2023 (UTC)