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Creating a summary page for general weapon characteristics:

Hi guys,

So, after sorting through a lot of the weapon pages here I personally think that for families of weapons firing the same projectiles- e.g. Hispano 404s, Mark Is, Mark IIs and Mark Vs, along with the assosciated AN/M2 and M3 cannons- could have a template that summarises some of the important things about them for easy view.

If not, at least for the same definite families of cannons we could do something that lets you see a generic guide on their usage. For example I was thinking of creating a "General Guide to World War 2-era 20mm British & French Cannons in War Thunder" on the wiki, since they're all hispanos and they share the same characteristics such as low explosive radii ([0.058, 0.58] for the Hispano's HEFI and [0.033, 0.33] for the HEF-SAPI as opposed to [0.15, 0.75] for an MG-151/20 model's HEI-m shell. Funnily enough, for 20mm cannons, the HEFI shell is actually the second best shell in terms of damage and radius- second ONLY to the HEI-m mine shot.)

Let me know what you think. I've got a datamine ready to go and a google drive link that I can hand over. give me a ping when you're done. If you require a more active comms source, add me on discord- Aussie_Mantis#5520. Just let me know your tag first beforehand.

Sincerely yours,