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This page is about the April Fools event helicopter Mi-35 (April Fools). For the variant added later to the game, see Mi-35M.

General info

The Mi-35 is a Rank VII Russian attack helicopter with a battle rating of 13.0. It was introduced in Update 1.67 as part of Rank IX Open Testing lasting from March 31st to April 3rd.

The main purpose, usage and tactics recommendations

General playstyle
The Mi-35 is played like an airborne tank destroyer. With its lethal guided missile, keep in the air and accurately guide each missile onto a target, a direct hit can instantly kill the enemy.

How to vs MBTs and Helicopters
Fighting MBTs require a careful placement of the guided missiles onto their hull. Rockets and autocannons will not do more than damage components like the gun barrel and tracks. However, all these will help immobilize the enemy MBT enough for even allies to take care of.

Fighting other helicopters will be crude, but possible. Though one could use the rockets and missiles to take out the enemy rockets, the most viable method would be to riddle their general area with the autocannon. A good hit can send them plummeting to the ground.

Historically, the best method for helicopters is to take advantage of the terrain. Using a hill for cover, a helicopter would emerge, fire at a target, before lowering back down behind the hill for cover. This is in an ideal situation, but it is entirely possible to simply fly over the battle space and engage targets in an attack pass, just beware of enemy SPAA and tanks willing to snipe the helicopter down.

Use the terrain to also get away from an enemy field of fire. Getting low increases the helicopter speed as it pitch forwards, and speed makes the helicopter harder to hit. Use this for evasive manoeuvres around a tough location.

Specific enemies worth noting
The ZSU-23-4 "Shilka" and Flakpanzer I Gepard are the greatest enemies of the helicopters. The best protection against these is distance and movement. The best way to counter these vehicles is to fire a guided missile at their location, as even a close miss may destroy them. If out of guided missile, an airstrike with rockets and the autocannon is also a good way to take these out.

Ambitious tanks may also try to snipe the Mi-35 from the air with their large cannons. Keep moving and keep the distance to avoid meeting a deadly end via a HEAT or APDS round.

Describe the vehicle in the game - its distinctive features, the tactics used against major opponents, recommendations for using the vehicle in different situations.
The Mi-35 is distinctive to its counterpart by its more bulkier size, thus making it a larger target. Also compared to the other helicopter, the Mi-35 is painted with a stripe and bright camouflage rather than a dull desert color. The helicopter contains 12 useful anti-tank guided missiles, giving it a nice reserve of missiles before having to withdraw and reload.

What to expect, if it would be in command of the enemy.
The Mi-35 would be played like any other helicopter in the game, firing a distance away with guided missiles and eliminate targets with extreme precision. However, the Mi-35 has a disadvantage of being slightly bigger, making it a bigger target for anti-aircraft cannons and tank cannons to fire at it.

Pros and cons


  • 12 guided missiles give it nice reserve in firepower
  • High max elevation
  • Quite fast for its size


  • Small reserve of autocannon ammunition
  • Small reserve of rockets
  • Bulkier size makes it a relatively bigger target



The Mi-35 is equipped with a 23 mm autocannon as well as 20 rockets and 12 guided missiles.

Main armament

1 x 23 mm Gh-23-2 cannon (450 Rounds)


20 x 80 mm S-8KOM rocket
12 x 130 mm 9M120 missile

Engine & Mobility

Weight: 11.2 ton
Max Speed: 310 km/h

  • Engine Power: 2 x 2,226 hp
  • Max altitude: 4,800 m
  • Rate of climb: 12.4 m/s

Modules and improvements

History of creation and combat usage



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