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Rank VI USA | Premium | Golden Eagles
A-10A Thunderbolt (Early)
This page is about the premium German fighter Fw 190 A-5/U14. For other versions, see Fw 190 (Family).
Fw 190 A-5/U14
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Fw 190 A-5/U14
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The Focke-Wulf 190 A was the first production series of the Fw 190. Many variants were developed, from the A-1 to the A-8. The A-5 had an extensive list of aircraft that were fitted with different "Umrüstbausatz" kits. Most included simple camera additions or weaponry changes, as was the case with the A-5/U14. The U14 was intended to utilize the LT F5b torpedo, which was mounted under the fuselage. For safety reasons, the tail wheel and fin height were increased so the torpedo could not accidentally strike the ground. As for armament, the A-5/U14 was only armed with two 20 mm MG 151 cannons mounted near the engine. Two planes were tested in this setup: "TD SI" (model shown in-game) and "TD SJ".

The Fw 190 A-5/U14 was introduced as a premium fighter in Update "Fire and Ice". The A-5/U14 was only a very minor development in the A-5, so it is largely the same as other A-5s when it comes to performance. The same engine and airframe were utilized across all the different Umrüstbausatz kits. Armament wise, the A-5/U14 most closely resembles the A-5/U2 since both carry two MG 151 cannons near the engine. The main difference is the A-5/U14's ability to carry an aerial torpedo, which is only useful in Naval matches, and a select number of Air Realistic Battle maps. Unsurprisingly, equipping the torpedo significantly drops the performance, so players should immediately drop it if an enemy fighter starts attacking.

General info

Flight performance

Max speed
at 6 300 m677 km/h
Turn time21 s
Max altitude10 200 m
EngineBMW 801 D2
Cooling systemAir
Take-off weight6 t

Describe how the aircraft behaves in the air. Speed, manoeuvrability, acceleration and allowable loads - these are the most important characteristics of the vehicle.

Characteristics Max speed
(km/h at 6,300 m)
Max altitude
Turn time
Rate of climb
Take-off run
Stock 651 630 10200 22.1 22.9 10.5 10.5 391
Upgraded 704 677 19.9 21.0 18.6 14.1


Combat flaps Take-off flaps Landing flaps Air brakes Arrestor gear
Wings (km/h) Gear (km/h) Flaps (km/h) Max Static G
Combat Take-off Landing + -
912 310 N/A 700 310 ~13 ~6
Optimal velocities (km/h)
Ailerons Rudder Elevators Radiator
< 420 < 300 < 550 > 320

Survivability and armour

Crew1 person
Speed of destruction
Structural0 km/h
Gear310 km/h

The Fw 190 A-5/U14 has five different steel panels. The two steel rings protect the oil cooling system. The three other steel plates protect the pilot from fighters attacking from the rear. The A-5/U14 has two separate self-sealing fuel tanks underneath the pilot

Fw 190 A-5/U14's armour profile
  • 57 mm bulletproof glass pane in front of the pilot
  • 3 mm steel ring around the cowling
  • 5 mm steel ring around the cowling
  • 12 mm steel plate behind the pilot's head
  • 8 mm steel plate behind the pilot's torso
  • 5 mm steel plate behind the 8 mm steel plate

Modifications and economy

Repair cost
AB689 Sl icon.png
RB1 610 Sl icon.png
SB2 533 Sl icon.png
Crew training10 000 Sl icon.png
Experts165 000 Sl icon.png
Aces590 Ge icon.png
Research Aces710 000 Rp icon.png
Reward for battleAB / RB / SB
Talisman.png 2 × 70 / 160 / 340 % Sl icon.png
Talisman.png 2 × 148 / 148 / 148 % Rp icon.png
Flight performance Survivability Weaponry
Mods aerodinamic fuse.png
Fuselage repair
Mods radiator.png
Mods compressor.png
Mods aerodinamic wing.png
Wings repair
Mods new engine.png
Mods metanol.png
Engine injection
Mods armor frame.png
Mods armor cover.png
Mods ammo.png
Mod arrow 1.png
Mods pilon torpedo.png
ETC 502
Mods weapon.png


Offensive armament

Ammunition500 rounds
Fire rate700 shots/min
Main article: MG 151 (20 mm)

The Fw 190 A-5/U14 is armed with:

  • 2 x 20 mm MG 151 cannons, wing-mounted (250 rpg = 500 total)

Suspended armament

List of setups (1)
Setup 11 x F5b torpedo
Main article: F5b

The Fw 190 A-5/U14 can be outfitted with the following ordnance:

  • Without load
  • 1 x F5b torpedo

In a torpedo bomber role, the Fw 190 needs to maintain low altitude to release a torpedo. The "fragile" characteristics of the torpedo makes a torpedo run complicated, as the torpedo has to be released on low speeds, making the aircraft more vulnerable to ship AA and other enemy aircraft. Launch the torpedo at a distance of 800 m to 1 km. After release, quickly break off from the run and gain altitude, either returning to the airfield to rearm or engage enemy aircraft.

Usage in battles

The Fw 190 A-5 U/14 is an excellent fighter. It has great energy retention in a dive, and an excellent flight performance at higher speeds. As such, it should be used as a Boom and Zoom fighter, as its inferior turn rate will make a turnfight end badly for you. The torpedo bomber role is best used in naval battles, as the torpedo severely impacts the flight performance.

Pros and cons


  • Sturdy airframe
  • Good energy retention
  • Able to carry a torpedo
  • Plentiful ammunition for the 2 x 20 mm MG 151 cannons


  • Slow turn rate
  • No other loadouts other than a single torpedo
  • The aircraft has to slow down considerably and fly low to release the torpedo
  • Enters flat spins easily in Realistic Battles


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