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User Calendar Main.jpg You have probably already seen fireworks that War Thunder celebrates important dates with, such as New Year or Victory Day. Now users can define when fireworks will be displayed for them in War Thunder.

Create your calendar — add, for example, your birthday or the anniversary of your wedding. And then on these important dates War Thunder will greet you with a display of fireworks that will begin at 20:00 (player local time) until 06:00 the following day.

How to create your own holiday calendar in War Thunder

To specify on which dates the fireworks will be displayed, you need to create your own holiday calendar in the [any name].blk file in the [game folder]/UserHolidays/ folder, and then choose the calendar you’ve created in the game in Settings → Other → Holiday Region.

The syntax of the calendar is a simple one: first there’s the block name (test_holidays in the example below), and inside it there’s a line with the name of the holiday and its date in the “day, month” format. For example, the file with Victory Day and New Year will look like this:

test_holidays { 
VictoryDay { dateDM:ip2 = 9,5 }
NewYear { dateDM:ip2 = 31,12 }

In this example you can just switch the dates for the ones you need or add new lines to the file. In the case where the dates change from year to year another format is used that has day, month and year separated by commas. Here’s an example of a calendar with two next Chinese New Years:

test_holidays { 
LunarNY23 { dateDMY:ip3 = 22,1,2023 }
LunarNY23 { dateDMY:ip3 = 10,2,2024 }

If you set up your .blk file like this in the UserHolidays folder and choose this calendar in the game, the fireworks will be displayed on the specified dates.