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Msg-important.png Custom hangars are not working on clients installed in the launcher setting "compatibility mode".

With the introduction of update 1.59 “Flaming Arrows”, players are able to change the hangar for a custom one. It is not too difficult to do.

How to create a custom hangar

Standard "Hangar" for ground vehicles in version 1.59

First you need to create the location You can create it yourself or use a custom location created by someone else. The location file has an extension .bin.

The appropriate location is situated in the game directory, you need to add it to the game root directory attached to the myhangar.blk file or create it yourself.

An example of a user based hangar on the port location hangar "Port of Novorossiysk"

The main parameters that are responsible for the location of the equipment in the hangar are:

 level:t = "levels/*location_file_name*.bin" - path to the location designated as the hangar in the game directory.
 modelRotation:r = 60 - direction of the player vehicles in the location.
 modelPos:p3 = 2154, 17.7, -684.4 - vehicle placement in the location.

For different types of vehicles you are able to add a different place in the hangar, for example:

unitPos {
 modelPos:p3 = 1806.49, 58.9, -1099.33`
 modelRotation:r = 75.8
 requiredTag:t = "tank"
 unitOffset:p3 = 0, 1, 0

When adding, the above parameter is responsible for the position of ground vehicles in the hangar. If different types of vehicles are given different locations, switching between them in the hangar will initiate a smooth change of camera view.

Final step - in the file config.blk you must add a parameter pointing to the name of the configuration file for your new hangar:


We already have variants of the hangar in our client:

 hangarBlk:t="config/hangar.blk" - default
 hangarBlk:t="config/hangar_military_base.blk" - hangar with a military base on the island
 hangarBlk:t="config/hangar_airfield.blk" - hangar on airfield (before update 1.59)

Have you completed your hangar? Don’t forget to share your creation with other players on in the section “Locations”.

How to setup custom hangar

If you are the author of your own hangar, your installation will be completed already when referring to the "how to create a custom hangar" instructions. When downloading a custom location from “” for example, you need to correctly add the location of the hangar and set the path to the appropriate files.

  • Download the new hangar location file. The file must have an extension of .bin.
  • Add the file to a created folder in the game directory.
  • In the root directory place the configuration file myhangar.blk and set it up with a direct parameter to the location file .bin with vehicles. Follow the instructions "how to create a custom hangar".
  • In the config.blk, add the parameter:

The next time you run the game, you will log in to the new hangar.

Remember! Custom hangars are used entirely at your own risk - they may function incorrectly, or cause errors in the game client.

Custom Hangar Examples