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Crew lock is a game mechanic that applies to all game modes.

Crew lock is applied to a nation when a player leaves the match prematurely. This includes but may not be limited to:

  • self-inflicted loss of vehicle (crashing or leaving the vehicle/"J-ing out")
  • returning to hangar before using all available vehicles in a line-up
  • disconnection from the match due to game crash or network connection issues

Crew lock runs for nine minutes, starting from the beginning of the match. So if the above statements happen past nine minutes into the match, then the crew lock does NOT apply.

When under crew lock:

The counter and the locked line-up
  • A counter at the bottom of the screen above the line-up/roster bar will appear, displaying the remaining time until the locked vehicle slots can be used.
    • The timer starts at the beginning of the match, so any time spent in the match is deducted from a resulting crew lock duration.
  • Crews for that nation cannot be switched, indicated by a red vehicle slot.

  • "Reserve" vehicles are never affected by crew lock.
  • If only back-ups for vehicles are available to use, a crew lock will not be imposed when leaving the match.
  • In game modes with a spawn point system (e.g. Ground and Naval RB), certain vehicles may become available to use in the match by adjusting weaponry options which result in a spawn point requirement reduction. In circumstances where it would have been possible to spawn had the weaponry options been adjusted, a crew lock will be given.
  • In game modes where multiple vehicle spawns are available, all vehicles USED (spawned in and destroyed by another player or AI) in the match will not be affected by crew lock.
  • Vehicles that were unavailable to spawn in the match (e.g. all other vehicles in the line-up in single vehicle game modes, incompatible vehicle types in multi-vehicle game modes) will not be affected by crew lock.