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{| class="wikitable" style="width:40px"
{| class="wikitable sortable"  
! a
| <span class="ttx-ab">3</span><span class="ttx-rb">1</span>
| <span class="ttx-ab">3</span><span class="ttx-rb">1</span>
| <span class="ttx-ab">2</span><span class="ttx-rb">2</span>
| <span class="ttx-ab">1</span><span class="ttx-rb">3</span>
<!--I don't want to litter your page, I see you are looking at the new template/parsers, wanted to share the parser info we have found so far, what I have noticed is everything is tied to the unit id of the vehicle (https://wiki.warthunder.com/Special:ListWikiParser). I am sure there is more, unfortunately, we don't have access to the main database where all of the info is being pulled from.  I am sure like below, many of the parsers we have not discovered yet are in Russian and trying to guess those will be a challenge.  Here is what we have (also take a look at the {{Battle-rating|?}} template which is used on most pages, all you have to do is put a 1-5 in place of the question mark and it will spit out a format for the battle rating for any of the five scenarios AB/RB/SB, AB RB SB, AB/RB SB, AB/SB RB or AB RB/SB.  See what you can come up with:
{{Specs|pseudonym}} - short name
{{Specs|name}} - full name
{{Specs|article}} - current article name
{{Specs|country}} - country
{{Specs|rank}} - rank by text (III)
{{Specs|rank|value}} - rank by digit (3)
{{Specs|br|ab}}, {{Specs|br|rb}}, {{Specs|br|sb}} - BR
{{Specs|crew}} - crew
{{Specs|страна}} or {{Specs|country}} = Country
{{Specs|название}} = Title (vehicle title)
{{Specs|ранг}} or {{Specs|rank}} = vehicle rank in roman numerals
{{Specs|вес|пустой}} = Empty weigth  (sets up as {{Specs|weight|empty}} - however english does not work)
{{Specs|вес|полный}} = Full weight
{{Specs|потолок}} or {{Specs|ceiling}} = result in ceiling height of vehicle.
{{Specs|вираж|ab}} = Turn time in AB  (change AB/RB/SB for result)
{{Specs|сваливание}} = Appears to be for stall speed (сваливание = dumping). Does not seem to work in current sidebar
{{Specs|двигатель}} = Displays engine type
{{Specs|двигатель|количество}} = Displays number of engines (|двигатель = quantity)
{{Specs|двигатель|тип}} = Displays engine type (inline, v12...etc)
{{Specs|двигатель|сод}} = Displays engine cooling type, w (water) or a (air)
{{Specs|разрушение|конструкции}} = Speed at which structure/wings break (kph)
{{Specs|разрушение|шасси}} = Speed at which gear breaks (kph)
:Thanks for the info! I've been parsing through template:spec-card to get my variables. I've nailed down most of the 1st arguments and your list will greatly speed up figuring out the 2nd arguments. I'll make a post in the forums once I'm done with my analysis--~~~~
::No problem, that template is a beast! --~~~~

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