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Howdy! My name's TM06. I'm a fairly active War Thunderer in all aspects (on the game, the reddit and the wiki), and so far I have 600 hours in the game. Although mainly a pilot, I do delve into tank (specifically German and Russian) battles from time to time. I enjoy playing all of the countries but I'm the farthest into America, Germany, Russia and Britain, although Japan is not far behind.

My favourite planes for each nations go as follows America: P-47D thunderbolt, F4U corsair, P-51D mustang, F8F-1(B), P-61, P-63A-10 Germany: He 100, BF 110 G-2, BF 109 F-4, He 111, FW 190 A-1/A-4 Russia: Yak-3, La-5FN, I-225, MiG-3-34, Il-2 Britain: Spitfire F Mk IX, Typhoon Mk Ib/l, Firefly F Japan: Ki-32, Ki-44, Ki-43, J2M2 Raiden, Ki-45 Ko, A6M3 Reisen, Ki-100 Italy: C.202EC, Re.2001 CN, SM.91, G.55, C.205 Serie 3 France: Potez 631, M.B.152C1, S.O.8000 Narval, H-75A-4, D.510

If you caught on, or know about Pokemon, you know that TM06 is a technical machine. Specifically, TM06 is toxic, and has been the same for every generation. While befitting the games I play (War Thunder, CS:GO, TF2 and Brawlhalla), I am generally not a toxic person and I'm usually pretty chill.