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Many peoples experience with the kV2 is quite a good one, However it is more of a tank to just enjoy in battle than a tank that is very tactically useful. Its large calibre howitzer is a pure spectacle of the soviet engineering prowess. It is such an interesting tank due to its rather peculiar form and stature. This combined with its grandiose armament has turned this tank into not only a legend, but such a great experience in War Thunder that I cannot recommend enough for those seeking thrill in this game. Simple strategic use can lead to wonderful results in battles, which is why it is loved by the community. This beast will take down any vehicle with one shot; however taking down certain vehicles with one shot may take some skill. generally most people use the HE shells for their damage potential because with the 152mm howitzer it will still penetrate most vehicles. The stock anti-concrete shells also come in useful as they will punch through any armor in its tier. It greatly suffers nevertheless with its massive lack of mobility and a reload speed (which there is a lack there of) akin to a tank being loaded by children. This tank still holds a special place in many peoples hearts for its iconic firepower and its massive turret resembling a barn. This tank is not only popular in War Thunder but in countless other games featuring WWII era tanks. Its gained many admirers and haters for its utterly strange play style.