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Hey, so this patch I decided after a few years to get into the dev server. Installed the launcher and started downloading to play, however the launcher tab in my taskbar hasn't gone away, and just says "setup". It was a mild inconvenience at first, and the actual tab just said "adding firewall exclusion..." with a full loading bar. After a couple hours and me playing in the dev server, I looked at the tabs, and it still said the same thing. 24 hours later, today, the tab is still there. This wouldn't be that bad, but I am physically unable to close the tab. If I right-click it, and press close window, it doesn't do anything. I also cannot close it in the tab, as it blocks all of the in-tab buttons (such as minimize, close, etc.). It's just annoying now, and having the tab open is confusing my laptop a bit. It says it is a game that is open, and download speeds are severely decreased. If anybody has any idea of how to get this tab to close, please do tell. I've already removed the actual dev server part, but can't delete the launcher, as the tab is open and it doesn't let me. In the config, I deleted the line of code for the dev server as well. None of this has worked. Somebody help please!