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Research Points (RP) Rp icon.png, or "experience", is used to research and advance in vehicles, modifications, and crew training. RP gain in the game depends on the game mode played.

Game economy

Gaining RP in War Thunder's economy depends on many factors, but the key ones are: game mode, destroyed vehicle, activity in battle, and the outcome of the battle (victory or defeat). So a player who helped the allies in a battle, performed mission tasks, earned various achievements, and was close to the epicenter of the battle earns, accordingly, more RP than the player who neglected teamwork or the game objective.


RP earned in battle are distributed to the following funds:

  • Research of the next chosen vehicle of the nation
  • Research of the next modification in the vehicle used in battle
  • Crew points for the crew slots that were used in battle
  • Convertible research point is given the same, total amount of RP as gained in combat and not deducted or divided from the total

Convertible research point (Convertible RP) is an "experience" point that can be directed to the study of any vehicle of any nation and can be done so via the premium currency Golden Eagles.


Vehicle Research Points are "experience" that a player can spend on researching locked vehicle. The number of points earned depends on the battle RPs earned and the difference in ranks between the researching vehicle and the vehicle on which the RPs were earned. In the research of high-ranking vehicles in low-ranking battles, a reduction factor is applied to the RP obtained (see table). In the research of low-grade vehicles with premium membership, there are no penalties. Using the previous vehicle in the line to research the next vehicle has a bonus + 30% RP gain.

Modifications Research Points are the "experience" that a player can spend on researching the modifications of the vehicle on which they were earned. The number of modification RPs always coincides with the number of research points earned. Vehicle modifications are divided into four tiers. Some modifications may be researched only after the previous ones. There is also a limitation - several modifications in a tier must be researched first before unlocking the next, higher tier modifications.

Convertible Research Points is a type of "experience" that a player can spend at any time for a certain amount of Golden Eagles (GE) Ge icon.png. For 1 GE, a player can transfer 45 convertible RP to 45 vehicle research points. In battles, convertible RPs are gained through RP modifications + a fixed amount for match achievements. Also, the convertible RP can be obtained for playing in single-player missions, training, and for obtaining achievements related to account upgrading.

Crew Experience Points are calculated based on research points for the following course:

In Arcade battles - 30 experience points for 1,000 RP In Realistic Fights - 11.3 experience points for 1,000 RP In Simulator Fights - 9 experience points for 1,000 RP


Rank difference Research of low-ranked vehicles while using high-ranked vehicles Research of high-ranked vehicles while using low-ranked vehicles
0 N/A N/A
1 N/A -10%
2 -60% -70%
3 -70% -90%
4 -80% -95%
5 -80% -95%
6 -80% -95%

Every technique has Experience and game currency multipliers. You can find them in the car card. The higher the multiplier, the higher the OI and the ST, respectively, will be earned by the equipment. In the premium technique, the multiplier is doubled, relatively linear.

In addition to the multipliers, the player can use a wide selection of other amplifiers.

  • Premium account - a permanent amplifier, purchased for AOR.
  • Amplifiers - game items that are activated before the fight and give a fixed gain.
  • Talisman - modification of individual machines, significantly increasing their earnings OI.

Important! For the most part, all amplifiers and bonuses are superimposed on the original characteristics of the machine, and do not add up to each other, so you should carefully read the description, in which "+" is an increase, and "*" is a multiplier.

For example, an amplifier + 300% will work on a technique with an initial 100% multiplier and give 400% revenue.

Important! Each subsequent simultaneously activated amplifier essentially loses in efficiency, therefore it is more profitable to activate them in turn.