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This page is about the Italian fighter Re.2001 gruppo 22. For other versions, see Re.2001 (Family).
Re.2001 gruppo 22
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Re.2001 gruppo 22
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The Reggiane Re.2001 gruppo 22 is one of Re.2001s belonging to the 22º Gruppo autonomo caccia terrestre. Founded on 5 July 1918 with 181° Squadriglia and 182° Squadriglia equipped with Caproni Ca.40s, the 22° Gruppo took part in World War I. In the Second World War, it fought on the Eastern Front and in the naval air war in the Mediterranean where it received the first Re.2001s, and after the end of World War II was renamed the Gruppo Intercettori and integrated into the 51° Stormo.

The Re.2001 gruppo 22 is the premium version of the Re.2001 serie 1 introduced with the Update "Starfighters". The aircraft is very nimble, though it lacks exceptional speed. However, the combat flaps can enhance its manoeuvrability further, albeit at a significant cost in terms of speed. For sufficient power generation, WEP must be used, but not for too long, as insufficient cooling tends to overheat the engine and can damage it. The armament, consisting of two 12.7 mm and two 7.7 mm machine guns, can inflict great damage on the enemy if used skilfully.

General info

Flight performance

Max speed
at 5 450 m545 km/h
Turn time18 s
Max altitude11 000 m
EngineAlfa Romeo R.A.1000 RC.41
Cooling systemWater
Take-off weight3 t

This Italian plane is best used as an energy fighter and can be a very good start to learn how to use Italian planes. The plane climbs and dives very well, it can reach a high speed quickly, but like every Italian plane in this rank, controls will be stiff above 500 km/h (310 mph) IAS. The best performance is between 400 to 500 km/h (248 to 310 mph) IAS, but in a swallow level flight the max speed is 450 km/h IAS. To be in the above-mentioned speed range, climb up to 3,000 m, and then dive onto the enemy. If the enemy is more than 2 km below, cut your throttle to 0% and only increase once at the same altitude as the enemy and started to losing speed. Diving or climbing straight at a 90-degree angle will cause the engine to shut down due to fuel cut-off. With its excellent structure, it is able to reach a top speed of 760 km/h in a dive and surprisingly it does not suffer from the reduction in manoeuvrability due to the high speed. It is not recommended keeping the WEP for a long time as the aircraft is not very cooled and could overheat in a short time.

Characteristics Max Speed
(km/h at 5,450 m)
Max altitude
Turn time
Rate of climb
Take-off run
Stock 525 508 11000 18.9 19.4 12.6 12.6 155
Upgraded 567 545 17.2 18.0 20.2 15.9


Combat flaps Take-off flaps Landing flaps Air brakes Arrestor gear
Wings (km/h) Gear (km/h) Flaps (km/h) Max Static G
Combat Take-off Landing + -
740 320 455 420 250 ~13 ~9
Optimal velocities (km/h)
Ailerons Rudder Elevators Radiator
< 350 < 350 < 420 > 312

Survivability and armour

Crew1 person
Speed of destruction
Structural740 km/h
Gear320 km/h
  • 8 mm steel - Pilot's seat
  • 8 mm steel - Behind pilot
  • Self-sealing fuel tanks (below pilot)

The Re.2001 gruppo 22 is a very solid fighter and resistant to fires. Its fuselage can withstand rifle-calibre MG fire. Unfortunately, this aircraft is not equipped with bulletproof glass, which makes it very disadvantageous in frontal attack.

Modifications and economy

Repair cost
AB909 Sl icon.png
RB2 671 Sl icon.png
SB1 009 Sl icon.png
Crew training3 400 Sl icon.png
Experts23 000 Sl icon.png
Aces180 Ge icon.png
Research Aces380 000 Rp icon.png
Reward for battleAB / RB / SB
Talisman.png 2 × 40 / 120 / 190 % Sl icon.png
Talisman.png 2 × 118 / 118 / 118 % Rp icon.png
Flight performance Survivability Weaponry
Mods aerodinamic fuse.png
Fuselage repair
Mods radiator.png
Mods armor frame.png
Mods compressor.png
Mods aerodinamic wing.png
Wings repair
Mods new engine.png
Mods armor cover.png
Mods metanol.png
Engine injection
Mods engine extinguisher.png
Mods ammo.png
Mod arrow 1.png
Mods ammo.png
Mod arrow 1.png
Mods weapon.png
Mods weapon.png


Offensive armament

Ammunition700 rounds
Fire rate700 shots/min
Ammunition1 200 rounds
Fire rate900 shots/min

The Re.2001 gruppo 22 is armed with:

  • 2 x 12.7 mm Breda-SAFAT machine guns, nose-mounted (350 rpg = 700 total)
  • 2 x 7.7 mm Breda-SAFAT machine guns, wing-mounted (600 rpg = 1,200 total)

For belts, it is recommended to use standard bullets for the 7.7 mm MGs and tracer bullets for the 12.7 mm MGs.

Usage in battles

The Re.2001 gruppo 22 is a fairly easy aircraft to operate. It is an airplane more focused on energy fighting, but with the right conditions it is able to give an excellent turnfighting airplane, being able to keep up with more manoeuvrable aircraft such as Spitfires. Being a very balanced aircraft, it adapts to the playstyle of almost every player, it is recommended to take altitude and stay in the medium-low altitude range.

Manual Engine Control

MEC elements
Mixer Pitch Radiator Supercharger Turbocharger
Oil Water Type
Not controllable Controllable
Not auto controlled
Not auto controlled
Not auto controlled
Separate Not controllable
1 gear
Not controllable

Pros and cons


  • Very good acceleration
  • Short take off distance
  • Very good structural resistance
  • Good climb rate
  • Lots of ammunition
  • Very good as energy fighter but also good at low altitude
  • Good retention of combat speed and energy
  • Flaps have a high rip speed


  • Very bad engine cooling, it overheats after a short while
  • Total absence of bulletproof glass, disadvantage in frontal attack
  • When it reaches a certain speed begins to stagger to the left and right, many difficulties in aiming



The Re.2001 fighter biplane was developed by Roberto Longhi, an Italian aeronautic engineer, who designed various planes such as the Re.2000, Re.2001, Re.2002, Re.2003, Re.2004 and many others. During the production of the Re.2000, Roberto Longhi started to design a new plane with a powerful engine and after it will become the Re.2001.

The first flight of the Re.2001 took place between 22 and 24 June 1940 specifically the first prototype MM.409, later many variants were built and after the armistice of Italy, were used on both sides by both the RSI and Italy Co-belligerent Air Force. The Re.2001 participated the War on Malta, the Mediterranean theatre and the air defense of RSI.

the Re.2001 Serie I has an Alfa Romeo R.A.1000 RC.41 that gives very good performances in flight with a good acceleration and a good speed of the airplane of 543 km/h at 5,470 m of altitude but had problems of reliability the engine because it could overheat too much and damage the engine, the airplane as armament has two 12,7 mm Breda-SAFAT and two 7.7 mm Breda SAFAT.

the Re.2001 was used by Italy and Germany.


Re.2001 22°Gruppo during air surveillance

From its full name "22°Gruppo Autonomo caccia terrestre", the 22° Gruppo was born in July 1918 and fought during WW2 on the Eastern front from 29 July 1941 until March 1942, then returned on 4 May 1942 where at the end of June the Group received the first Re.2001 (at the beginning Re.2001 CB and some Re.2001 Serie I). After receiving these aircraft, the 22° Gruppo participated in the aeronaval war in the Mediterranean. After this, the 22°Gruppo fought during the Air Defence of Italy and at the end of the Second World War was renamed Gruppo Intercettori and integrated to the 51° Stormo.



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