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Rank VI USSR | Premium | Golden Eagles
Su-25K Pack
Ikv 73
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Ikv 73
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The Infanterikanonvagn 73was an infantry tank that originated during the 1950s. However the design dates back to the Lago I, an export project that was meant to be developed as a tank for Hungary in the 1930s. However, since Hungary withdrew, the Lago I later became the Strv m/42, one of the versions of that tank was the Strv /42 EH, which was retired in the 1950s after the introduction of the Strv 81. Thus, the tank was remodelled and repurposed as an infantry support tank, designated Ikv 73. The tank remained largely the same, although the turret was modified to fit a new roof mounted machine gun.

Introduced in Update "Starfighters" as a reward for the 2020 Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. event, the Infanterikanonvagn 73 has a similar playstyle as the Strv m/42 EH except the hull machine gun has been replaced with a roof-mounted MG, giving it a better chance to destroy aircraft and engage open-top vehicles. The tank has a decent mobility, although with a slow reverse speed, it will be faster than most medium tanks. However the main problem is the low penetration of the gun, the APHE shell is not the most reliable against tanks like the KV-1 and T-34, although if it does penetrate it has a very good amount of explosive filler, and in most cases it would overpressure the interior, specially if the tank is hit in the middle of the crew compartment.

General info

Survivability and armour

Armourfront / side / back
Hull55 / 30 / 20
Turret55 / 25 / 25
Crew4 people
Visibility82 %

Armour protection on the Ikv 73 is average for its tier. While it is 55 mm thick, it is practically vertical. Angling your armour will not help, as the sides are only 30 mm in thickness. The turret armour is pretty much identical to that of the hull. The crew is very tightly packed, so a penetrating shot to the turret or hull is a guaranteed destruction.

Although the best course of action in an Ikv 73 is to remain undetected, there will be times when taking a hit or two will be inevitable. In such a scenario, angle slightly towards the enemy with your front right corner (the one opposite the driver) and try to bait a shot to your right turret cheek (the one with the coaxial MGs). Early HEAT and HE projectiles, as well as the spalling from weaker APHE and Soviet shrapnel rounds, will likely be absorbed by the machine guns. Solid shot will be almost guaranteed to penetrate, but will only knock out the commander and machine gunner. Most shots to the rear engine deck will likely bounce due to the extreme sloping.

Armour Type:

  • Rolled Homogeneous Armour (hull, turret, cupola)
Armour Front (Slope angle) Sides Rear Roof
Hull 55 mm (23-28°) Upper Plate
10-30 mm (55-80°) Upper Glacis
55 mm (cylindrical) Transmission housing
55 mm (59°) Lower Glacis
30 mm (30°) Top - Front
25 mm (31°) Top - Rear
30 mm Bottom
25 mm (14°) + 15 mm (19°) Upper plate
20 mm (29°) Lower plate
10-30 mm (20-27°) Front glacis
9 mm Crew and engine compartment
5 mm Engine vents
Turret 55 mm (cylindrical) Turret front
55 mm (cylindrical) Gun mantlet
30 mm (0-30°) Front
25 mm (15°) Rear
25 mm (cylindrical) 20 mm Front
10 mm Rear
Cupola 55 mm (13°) Viewport
25 mm (73°) Breech bulge
25 mm (13-15°) Left
25 mm (15°) Right Rear
30 mm (16°) Right Front
25 mm (15°) 9 mm
25 mm (17°) Breech bulge


  • Suspension wheels, tracks and torsion bars are 15 mm thick.
  • Turret ring: 53 mm
  • MG Port appliqué armour: 20 mm


Speedforward / back
AB47 / 7 km/h
RB and SB42 / 6 km/h
Number of gears6 forward
1 back
Weight22.5 t
Engine power
AB782 hp
RB and SB410 hp
Power-to-weight ratio
AB34.8 hp/t
RB and SB18.2 hp/t
Game Mode Max Speed (km/h) Weight (tons) Engine power (horsepower) Power-to-weight ratio (hp/ton)
Forward Reverse Stock Upgraded Stock Upgraded
Arcade 47 7 22.5 635 782 28.22 34.76
Realistic 42 6 363 410 16.13 18.22

Mobility of the Ikv 73 is good; about the same as that of the Shermans or earlier Panzers. The tank swiftly accelerates to its top speed of 42 km/h (26 mph), and stops just as easily (though the tank tends to "drift" slightly when stopping mid-turn). The tank reverses at 5 km/h. The suspension damping allows for firing immediately after coming to a stop from full speed, though it is not powerful enough to allow for accurate fire while on the move. The Ikv 73 lacks neutral steering, but still turns about as quickly as its contemporaries.

Modifications and economy

Repair cost
AB571 Sl icon.png
RB564 Sl icon.png
SB718 Sl icon.png
Crew training6 900 Sl icon.png
Experts46 000 Sl icon.png
Aces270 Ge icon.png
Research Aces500 000 Rp icon.png
Reward for battleAB / RB / SB
Talisman.png 2 × 60 / 80 / 90 % Sl icon.png
Talisman.png 2 × 130 / 130 / 130 % Rp icon.png
Mobility Protection Firepower
Mods new tank traks.png
Mods new tank suspension.png
Mods new tank break.png
Brake System
Mods new tank filter.png
Mods new tank transmission.png
Mods new tank engine.png
Mods tank tool kit.png
Improved Parts
Mods extinguisher.png
Improved FPE
Mods tank reinforcement sw.png
Crew Replenishment
Mods new tank horizontal aiming.png
Horizontal Drive
Mods tank cannon.png
Adjustment of Fire
Mods tank ammo.png
Mods new tank vertical aiming.png
Elevation Mechanism
Mods tank ammo.png
Mods art support.png
Artillery Support
Mods tank ammo.png


Main armament

Ammunition59 rounds
Reloadbasic crew → aces
7.6 → 5.9 s
Vertical guidance-15° / 25°
Main article: kan m/41 (75 mm)
75 mm kan m/41 Turret rotation speed (°/s) Reloading rate (seconds)
Mode Capacity Vertical Horizontal Stabilizer Stock Upgraded Full Expert Aced Stock Full Expert Aced
Arcade 59 -15°/+25° ±180° N/A 14.3 19.8 24.0 26.5 28.2 7.67 6.79 6.25 5.90
Realistic 8.9 10.5 12.8 14.1 15.0


Penetration statistics
Ammunition Type of
Penetration @ 0° Angle of Attack (mm)
10 m 100 m 500 m 1,000 m 1,500 m 2,000 m
slpprj m/40 AP 85 83 74 64 55 48
sgr m/40 HE 10 10 9 9 9 9
slpprj m/40B APBC 85 82 73 63 54 46
slpgr m/39 APHE 63 61 53 44 37 31
Shell details
Ammunition Type of
mass (kg)
Fuse delay
Fuse sensitivity
Explosive mass
(TNT equivalent) (g)
0% 50% 100%
slpprj m/40 AP 580 6.6 - - - 47° 60° 65°
sgr m/40 HE 570 6.43 0.2 0.1 580 79° 80° 81°
slpprj m/40B APBC 590 6.3 - - - 48° 63° 71°
slpgr m/39 APHE 580 6.5 1.2 9 260 47° 60° 65°
Smoke shell characteristics
Ammunition Velocity
mass (kg)
Screen radius
Screen deploy
time (s)
Screen hold
time (s)
Explosive mass
(TNT equivalent) (g)
rökgr m/22 496 6.6 13 5 20 8

Ammo racks

rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
59 50 (+9) 48 (+11) 36 (+23) 28 (+31) 16 (+43) (+55) (+58) No
Ammo racks of the Ikv 73


  • To go into battle with the turret empty of ammo, pack 48 (+11) shells (Racks 1 and 2 emptied).
  • To go into battle with the turret and the front hull empty of ammo, pack 28 (+31) shells (Racks 1 to 4 emptied).

Machine guns

Ammunition4 000 rounds
Belt capacity250 rounds
Reloadbasic crew → aces
10.4 → 8.0 s
Fire rate649 shots/min
Ammunition2 000 rounds
Belt capacity250 rounds
Reloadbasic crew → aces
10.4 → 8.0 s
Fire rate649 shots/min
Main article: ksp m/36 (8 mm)
8 mm ksp m/36
Mount Capacity (Belt) Fire rate Vertical Horizontal
Coaxial 2,000 (250) 649 -10°/+25° N/A
Coaxial 2,000 (250) 649 -10°/+25° N/A
Pintle 2,000 (250) 649 -10°/+65° ±180°

Usage in battles

Ikv 73 has a similar playstyle as the Strv m/42 EH except the hull machine gun has been replaced with a pintle machine gun on the turret, giving it a better chance to fend off aircraft and defend against open-top vehicles like the ZiS-30 and CCKW 353 AA.

Ikv 73 shares the same Kan m/41 as the Strv m/42, so it shares the same performance where it's decent enough at its own battle rating, but will struggle in uptiers. The gun will struggle against T-34, M4 Sherman and heavier tanks like KV-1 in direct confrontation where it lacks penetration against the sloped and angled armour.

The armour of Ikv 73 is better than that of Lago I and similar to the Strv m/42 EH, giving it better survivability than the Lago I. The change of the Ikv 73 compared to the Strv m/42 EH, where the hull machine gun was replaced with more armour, gives the hull slightly better survivability against smaller guns than, for example, M4s, T-34s, or Pz.IVs

It still has the same characteristics as the Strv m/42, being heavier than the earlier Lago I with the added weight from more armour. However, mobility is still pretty good despite the increased armour and weight due to an improved engine being installed. Due to this edge in mobility, it can get to the locations needed to be able to perform ambushes from behind hills and cliffs. However, do note that the Ikv 73 retains a slow reverse speed that causes problems when having to reverse into a better position or go back into hiding after firing.

Enemies to note:

  • T-34: T-34s have angled armour where the Ikv 73's gun might not be able to penetrate the frontal hull armour and they have a gun which can pose a serious threat to the Ikv 73. Ikv 73 has to be careful about where to aim at these kinds of targets.
  • M4 Sherman: M4s angled or sloped armour can cause similar trouble as the T-34's armour, but Shermans have a thicker armoured plate giving it more serious problems to penetrate frontally so tactical thinking is required to deal with this type of target.
  • KV-1 KV-1s are targets where the gun is seriously lacking in penetration capabilities to do any damage to KV-1. Only a well-placed shot at one of its weakpoints can do any damage. These types of heavily armoured vehicles will take time and skill to deal with in an Ikv 73.
  • Panzer IV Panzer IVs are not serious threats in terms of armour like M4s, T-34s and KV-1s; but what the Panzer IV lacks in armour it compensates with a short or long 75 mm gun which can pose serious threat if they manage to hit the Ikv 73. The armour is no threat to the Ikv 73's gun so they are easy to deal with, but at distance the Panzer IV has the advantage over the Ikv 73.

Pros and cons


  • Has a machine gun on top that can rotate 360°
  • Excellent gun depression
  • APHE shell can cause devastating damage if it penetrates
  • Decent mobility


  • Tall profile
  • APHE shell has poor penetration power
  • Low penetration gun will have trouble penetrating higher rank targets (KVs, Shermans, T-34s)
  • Main gun has quite low muzzle velocity
  • Armour is almost useless in higher rank battles
  • Slow reverse speed
  • Slow turret rotation


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